New artworks and the return of the demo for Fretless – The Wrath of Riffson

Playdigious, the French independent video game publisher, is delighted to announce that Mari Quinto(Lumi and the Great Big Galaxy) and David Thor Fjalarson(Dead Cells) have created artworks for the turn-based musical RPG, Fretless – The Wrath of Riffson. To celebrate, the game’s demo will be back on Steam for a limited time.
Artwork by David Thor Fjalarson

Fretless is a pixel-art journey into a vibrant and diverse musical world, inspired by musician and content creator Rob Scallon. This turn-based RPG is scheduled for release in 2024, with over 40,000 wish-list additions on Steam already registered. In Fretless, players will have to restore harmony to a detuned and corrupt world, currently threatened by the tyrannical Rick Riffson, boss of Super Metal Records.

The game invites players to explore a whimsical yet dangerous musical world, where every flower tinkles, rocks sway, and waves carry their own melody across the beach. Players use a deck-building system to take on enemies in rhythmic turn-based battles. Whether they prefer high-damage actions, devastating musical effects, life-stealing combos or even random chaos, Fretless offers countless combinations to try.

Artwork by Mari Quinto

To celebrate these new assets, Playdigious is making the game’s demo available again on Steam for a week, so that players can discover the magical world of Fretless.

Players can follow Playdigious news on the company’s Twitter account and official website.


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