Review – American Arcadia


After a year’s wait, American Arcadia is finally available! Raw Fury, the publisher responsible for a number of good titles, offers us the latest from the Out of the Blue studio. Especially as the title here is set to break down the various narrative walls, we were all the more hype as soon as it was announced.

So many references.

American Arcadia tells the story of Trevor Hills. An office worker living in the town of Arcadia. His peaceful life is soon turned upside down when strange things start happening around him. It’s at this point that our character begins to ask questions, and an encounter makes him realize that everything is an illusion.

That illusion? American Arcadia, a reality show with over 55 seasons running 24, 24. And their only escape? Death! If you become unpopular with the public, you’re out. And you’re right in the crosshairs.

Let’s face it, the game’s construction and narrative mean that the 7 hours of gameplay are unbelievable. You’re hooked from start to finish. Except that this genre isn’t for everyone. And replayability also sucks, as the title only has one ending.

Simple and effective, the overall setting is gripping and totally effective. And let’s not forget the soundtrack, which is there to accompany you at every moment, and let’s just say it’s top-notch for the title and at every moment!

Narration at the heart of the story!

This satire of the USA is gripping, as you realize that the depth of each character or situation makes the whole coherent. The design, too, adds a layer to all this, making the experience quite immersive. The fact that it’s retro-futuristic like the 70s. You’re quickly hooked.

It’s hard to talk more about the story and situations without spoilers. Because yes, American Arcadia is a title that’s not easy to explain without spoiling the game itself.

Social interaction.

Finally, let’s talk about gameplay. This is a title that uses interaction. And it’s ultra-easy to get to grips with. What’s special is that, at times, you’ll be controlling one or two characters. Or two at the same time. And that, quite simply. You don’t have to worry about a thing.

One part of the title is played in 2.5D, with platforming, infiltration and more. And in the other part, you’ll find an FPS view requiring you to solve various puzzles.

In both cases, nothing complicated. Except that it’s easy to get caught up in the game. What more can we say about the title? Well, it’s linear but profound. That its narrative will take you through the 7 hours of gameplay. And that it won’t leave you indifferent. American Arcadia is a great game that everyone should play at least once, if you like the style.


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