Silica, first update for the RTS/FPS crossover game


Bohemia Interactive is proud to announce the first major update for Silica, the RTS/FPS crossover game: “Air Units”. The update features 9 new aircraft for both human and alien factions in the game’s flagship Strategy mode, with AI fully implemented, as well as the ability to build structures relevant to both factions’ air units

Check out the Silica Air Unitstrailer below


As this is the first major update during the early access period, the developers have listened to the growing community by integrating one of the most requested features: air units. Thanks to feedback from passionate players, Silica has already received no fewer than 15 smaller, regular updates that have helped shape the game according to players’ needs and desires. These updates include new content, performance and stability improvements, tweaks to mechanics, game balance and unit behavior, and much more

Take to the skies of Baltarus

The time has come for players to discover a new style of gameplay that will give them even more thrills in the skies of Baltarus. “I’m delighted to announce that the long-awaited Air Units update has arrived, transforming the land-based game into a game of combined operations. You can now build air units in the Strategy game mode, and I dare say this update adds an entirely new level to the strategy and tactics mode. I’m really looking forward to players’ reactions, and I can’t wait to see everyone in the game. It’s also worth noting that the update includes a plethora of additional fixes and improvements,” said Dram

Now that air units are available, there will be a few balancing passes to ensure smooth and diverse gameplay across all factions. After that, Dram will focus his attention on the remaining features promised to the community, such as a varied arsenal of vehicles and weapons for the second human faction called Centauri, further AI improvements and implementations, localizations in other languages and muchmore

Key features of Silica‘s Air Units update

4 new air units for the human faction

  • Fighter
  • Gunship
  • Bomber
  • Dropship/Transport ship

5 new air units for the alien faction

  • Wasp/Guêpe
  • Dragonfly/Libellule
  • Firebug/Luciole
  • Defiler
  • Colossus/Colosse

Many bug fixes and quality-of-life updates


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