Add color to your setup with the Trust Luminus RGB Gaming Desk

To get the most out of your gaming sessions, a sturdy desk is a must-have for your gaming setup. That a sturdy gaming desk doesn’t have to be boring, Trust proves with the launch of the GXT 709 Luminus RGB Gaming Desk. Not only is the Luminus solid and durable, it also features convenient on-desk touch controls and RGB LED lighting in the edge to make your gaming setup even more in your own style

When building a gaming setup, you start with the basics: a solid and spacious desk. Measuring a whopping 120 x 60 x 76 cm, the Luminus provides all the space you need for your monitor, keyboard, mouse and other supplies, and features an anti-scratch top coat with a sleek carbon look. The spacious tabletop is also made of sustainable FSC®-certified wood. But what really sets the Luminus apart is the RGB magic in the edge of the gaming desk. The on-desk touch controls allow you to use 10 different RGB LED modes to light up the desk in your own style!

The Luminus is also equipped with every convenience: a holder for your drinks and a hook to hang your headset, convenient holes for invisible cable management, and the lighting works via USB which you can connect to your PC, a USB wall charger or power bank. The Luminus’ adjustable legs also make the desk stable and sturdy, so you can create the perfect base for your gaming sessions

Building your own gaming setup begins and ends with the GXT 709 Luminus Gaming Desk from Trust. Enter the gaming arena in style and under the best conditions for colorful victories. The GXT 709 Luminus Gaming Desk from Trust is available now exclusively at for the suggested retail price of €189.99

Please note that a mouse pad is required for optimal tracking. We don’t want your precise movements to be hampered by anything less than perfection. And for best performance, we recommend using a USB wall charger, because your gaming desk deserves only the best treatment.


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