Black Desert: Halloween event launched on all platforms!


Korean publisher and developer Pearl Abyss is celebrating Halloween on all Black Desert platforms(PC, consoles and mobile) this October. Starting this week, Pearl Abyss is turning Black Desert into a horrific place with a Halloween event, reward-packed activities and spine-chilling sales for players of all platforms. Fans of the hit MMORPG can prepare now to be enchanted by this enchanting Halloween celebration

Navigate the spooky Marniland on PC

Marniland, Black Desert ‘s Halloween theme park, makes its triumphant returnto PC! In the midst of the darkness, Isabella, the dark witch, appears, her presence frightening all who approach her. Brave adventurers will have to unite to defeat her and reclaim a share of her coveted booty

Other frightening challenges await players

  • A thrilling race! the goosebump-inducing “1, 2, 3 Soleil!” challenge sees players pilot menacing robots to the finish line.
  • An evil robot! innocence n°12, mad scientist Marni’s diabolical creation, will be materialized in Marni‘s bizarre amusement park. Players will have to engage in a chilling game of rock-leaf-scissors to defeat the robot.
  • New challenges! players will be able to conquer the Halloween Adventure Diary now to unlock a treasure trove of impressive rewards.
  • A new adventure! the scary Marniland quest series is now available.
  • Discounts on Steam! fans can take advantage of 70% off recommended retail prices on Steam.

To fortify themselves against these terrible trials, adventurers will discover a series of exclusive Halloween login rewards and daily bonuses from Marniland, equipping them with formidable strength for combat, life skills and horse training. But the horror doesn’t stop there; rumors are circulating around town, foreshadowing more breathtaking content next week!

Visit the official website to find out about seasonal events and new outfits for all classes

Roll the dice for an unforgettable night of fright on PlayStation and Xbox

Console gamers can put on their costumes and get their dice ready: theOccult Spirit’s Halloween Adventure board game awaits them. They’ll embark on a thrilling quest with tantalizing rewards to keep them on their toes. They’ll have to face a monster called Effroi, who will start appearing at random throughout the Black Desert world (except Valencia). This monster will drop items such as the Black Cloth [Event], the Memory Fragment, the Ancient Spirit Dust, the Black Crystal Shard and many other terrifying objects. Characters of all levels will be able to fight and defeat Fright, as it adapts to the player’s strength and abilities. If players’ characters are at level 56 or above, a more powerful version of the monster will appear in the world

Other surprises include

  • New rewards! new Halloween dolls: Cute and spooky Halloween dolls have arrived. Players can combine a doll with wrapping paper to receive precious rewards.
  • Experience! the Mysterious Knight will surprise players in monster zones with massive skill EXP buffs.
  • A community event! a community event where adventurers can take Halloween-themed screenshots.

Visit the official website and discover other frightful features!

Mobile festivities: growing pumpkins, finding treasure, collecting Halloween dolls and many other surprises

Black Desert Mobile adventurers will experience new activities to immerse themselves in throughout the month. Players will be able to enjoy new content

  • Counting it in! with Kayal Nesser’s Treasure event chests, players will be able to get great prices on tickets to Group Execution, Akrad and much more.
  • Defeat!: During the Halloween Pumpkin Farming event, players will battle monsters to collect event items and exchange them for various rewards, including theAxis of Chaos, the [Abyssal] Adventurer’s Relic Chest and the [Abyssal] Adventurer’s Accessory Chest.
  • Courage! adventurers can complete the quest diary to receive the Halloween Chest of Chance and various rewards.
  • Collect! adventurers can also complete quests to obtain Halloween Ghost Dolls by logging in and exchanging them for various prizes, including the [Choice] Dream Horse Challenge Chest item, Badge: Bewitched Looney (Tier 6) and other surprises.
  • Puzzle! (from October 24): players will have to complete missions and collect puzzle pieces to exchange them for the Golden Halloween Skull and valuable in-game rewards.

Check out the official website for more details on the Halloween festivities!


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