Black Desert Online gets ready for the festive season!


Korean developer and publisher Pearl Abyss today announced that Black Desert Online‘s desert region, ” Ulukita “, will be enriched with a third monster zone and a new series of quests, at the heart of a royal family conflict, on Wednesday November 29. Starting tomorrow, Pearl Abyss will be hosting a range of events featuring weapons, equipment, upgrades and valuable rewards for adventurers, in anticipation of the update.

For a limited time, Black Desert Online is90% off on Steam, from now until November 28, as well as on its official website from November 22 to 29. Clothing and goodies can be purchased in the Pearl Abyss merchandise store.

Family feud in Ulukita

Welcome to Ulukita! Named “Refuge of the Dark Disciplines” and located in the southern region of Ulukita, this new zone builds on the previous zones “City of the Dead” and “Ruins of Tungrad“. The zone’s main story centers on the young Prince Bareeds III of Mediah, whom adventurers met in tragic circumstances back in 2015! Players will be led to investigate the conflict between the prince and the prime minister, facing fierce battles and an end boss.

At the “Refuge of the Disciplines of Darkness”, adventurers can obtain the materials needed to make the “Shoes of Ator”, which are the last high-level armors in Black Desert, after the Armor of the Fallen God, the Helmet of Labreska and the Gloves of Dahn. Adventurers can choose between two abilities for the Shoes of Ator: damage reduction or escape.

The new Ulukita zone is recommended for adventurers with 310 AP/420 PD (attack power, defensive power) or more. The main quest is fully dubbed by actors and features illustrated cutscenes like those in Terre du matin Radieux.


Fight your friends in the Arene de Solare

The PvP part of the update will introduce a permanent training mode for theSolare PvP Arena. The new customizable mode, accessible by invitation only, allows players to form their own teams and disable matchmaking. Adventurers can compete with new fervor to hone their fighting skills while earning items and rewards such as silver and pearls. Training mode and Solare Arena customization will be updated on November 29 and December 6 respectively.

Thanksgiving, Stones of Abundance and the start of heart-pounding events

Black Desert adventurers can take part in three separate Christmas events to have fun and win rewards, until December 6!

– A thousand hearts flutter at the Calpheon Ball! until Wednesday, December 6, adventurers can earn“Seals of the Audacious Calpheon” simply by logging on for 30 to 120 minutes each day as part of the Calpheon Ball preparatory event. These items can be used to enter an instant draw for valuable items. For those who don’t win gifts, players can obtain“Inspiring Calpheon Coins” (100% chance), redeemable for various rewards such as J’s famous Hammer of Loyalty! In both cases, players win.

Thanksgiving Hunt : Players can take part in the Thanksgiving Hunt event for two weeks, from Wednesday November 22 to Wednesday December 6, to defeat the Wild Turkeys and win the Blessing of Abundance buff and Turkey Feathers. The latter can be exchanged for Dream Horse awakening materials in Velia.

Collecting Stones: During the same two-week period, players can collect“Abundance Stones” by hunting, gathering and fishing. Depending on the cumulative number of Abundance Stones obtained in all regions, adventurers will be rewarded with valuable items such as the [Event] Splendid Chest of Shakatu, Cron Stone, [Event] Thrilling Adventure Outfit Box.


Autumn sale at major discounts / Addition of Black Desert merchandise

After announcing all its new releases, Pearl Abyss is adding a major, time-limited 90% discount to its official website and Steam page, while adding a new range of apparel and merchandise to its enhanced store.

The Autumn Sale on Steam encourages new players to download Black Desert Online for less than a euro, an incredible price for an MMORPG.

A new range of merchandise has been added to the online store, currently in beta, including new clothing and hats, Black Desert plush and stylish new posters (featuring the Land of the Radiant Morning and various classes). Shoppers can save 15% on selected items during the Grand Opening Sale on purchases made from today until Thursday, November 30.

Black Desert is available in over 150 countries on PC, consoles and mobile. For more information, visit the official website and follow the game on Facebook, X and YouTube.


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