Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Call of Duty: Warzone: La Saison 1 Rechargée arrive!


The battle continues with the arrival on January 17 of Season 1 Reloaded for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and Call of Duty: Warzone. This mid-season update brings a host of new content, including a 6v6 map, new game modes and limited-time events, including The Boys: Supe Siege and Trial of Power. Welcome to Season 1 Reloaded.


  • New 6v6 Multiplayer map: Deploy to Rio, a new base map that challenges operators to battle it out in an upscale shopping mall.
  • Introduction of Team Skirmish, Infected and Headquarters modes: Face off in three new multiplayer modes.
  • The Boys LTM and Challenges: Discover an enhanced version of Confirmed Elimination mode with power-ups and earn in-game rewards by completing challenges in The Boys: Supe Siege event.
  • Classed Multiplayer: Fight like the pros and climb the ranks and divisions in this competitive 4v4 mode with the same rules as those used by the Call of Duty League.


  • Attempt the Champion’s Quest: The Champion’s Quest returns with an all-new quest for Urzikstan. Complete this multi-part challenge to trigger a devastating endgame.
  • Gulag night vision public event : Fight in the dark using night vision goggles in this public event that turns off the lights in the Gulag.
  • Grab the weapons crate: A new weapons crate objective is available for the first time in Battle Royale! Players can now fight for a single crate of weapons hidden in a search area at the start of the game to spice things up.
  • A new way to escape: Players can now exfiltrate from the game prematurely using Secret Exfiltration, which offers a new victory condition for those able to pay the price of exit. That is, only if you can get it!


  • Take on a new warlord: A new warlord enters the exclusion zone: Dokkaebi, from South Korea. Defeat him if you can to win high-level loot.