Devsisters unveils a new mobile game, “CookieRun: Tower of Adventures”


Devsisters announces the official name of its upcoming mobile game CookieRun: Tower of Adventures, developed by Devsisters’ creative studio Oven Games. Previously known as“Project B“, CookieRun: Tower of Adventures is an action game with cooperative gameplay and real-time combat set in the original 3D world of CookieRun: OvenBreak. The game will be available for the first time at the Google Play booth during the G-STAR 2023 conference, with a demo for attendees

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CookieRun: Tower of Adventures introduces a new way of playing and interacting with the well-known Cookies from the CookieRun franchise. The aim is to help Cookies scale the Pancake Tower to reach its summit by forming strategic teams, using their unique skills and idiosyncrasies to battle dangerous monsters. Key features of Tower of Adventures include a game based on a compelling storyline, and multiplayer co-op modes so players can enjoy more dynamic gameplay when playing with friends

CookieRun: Tower of Adventures will be presented for the first time on the Google Play stand at the G-STAR 2023 conference, to be held November 16-19 at BEXO in Busan, South Korea. CookieRun: Tower of Adventures will feature for the first time a user demo on PC via Google Play Games on its stand

“CookieRun: Tower of Adventures aims to become a popular action game that all types of gamers can enjoy, alone or with friends. Our collaboration with Google Play makes it easier for players to access the experience offered by our unique gameplay. We’re looking forward to G-STAR 2023,” said Hyung-wook Bae, Executive Producer of Oven Games

CookieRun: Tower of Adventures will be available on iOS and Android in 2024. For more information, visit the Devsisters webpage at


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