Dino Ranch – Mission Sauvetage is now available!


For all you cute dinosaur fans out there, Dino Ranch – Mission Sauvetage is now available!

Join the exciting world of Dino Ranch, the animated series that has captured the hearts of millions of children, and get ready for an experience bursting with dinotastic fun! Immerse yourself in this epic adventure where you’ll discover thrilling challenges and spend a fun-filled time with your favorite dino-mites!

Developed by Redox Interactive, Dino Ranch – Mission Sauvetage is available now on Nintendo Switch, in physical and digital editions


About Dino Ranch – Mission Sauvetage

Alert at the Ranch! Dino moth eggs have disappeared and the peace of the Cassidy Ranch is in peril! Only you have the power to help our indefatigable trio of Ranchers Jon, Min and Miguel find the eggs and bring peace back to the Ranch. But beware: the mischievous Trouble-horns may have something to do with all this..

On land or in the air, embark on a fantastic adventure where you can explore the Ranch, home to many Dinos, complete missions full of twists and turns, and hatch brand-new dinosaur eggs! Sprint alongside Jon and Blitz, care for adorable Dino-mites with Min and Clover, and build and repair wacky inventions with Miguel and Tango to solve the mystery of the missing eggs. Between friendship, togetherness and teamwork, you’ll have to redouble your efforts to meet this new challenge!

Ready to conquer the West and restore peace to the colorful world of Dino Ranch?



Play the video game inspired by the sparkling animated series Dino Ranch for the very first time!

Join your favorite heroes Jon, Min and Miguel, as they discover a world where cowboys and dinosaurs meet for adventure and action-packed fun

Explore! Ride like the wind alongside Jon and Blitz as they speed through the Ranch and beyond! Play as the electric duo in action-packed challenges to find lost eggs and show off your incredible lasso skills!

Care for your dinos: slip into the shoes of a real Dino-doctor with Min and Clover, the Dino-incubator’s caretakers. Care for adorable baby dinosaurs, giving them all the comforts they need to hatch

Build and repair: Every great adventure requires a dose of ingenuity! Team up with Miguel to build and repair essential Ranchers inventions, and overcome obstacles with the explosive Tango and her powerful charge

Just like in the series: the original voice of Pa (or Bo for short), the Ranch’s great hero, narrates throughout the game! Fully dubbed by the official actor in French, Italian, Spanish and German, even the youngest Rancheroos can enjoy the game without worrying about reading

Saddle up and become a real Dino-Rancher in the adventure Dino Ranch – Mission Sauvetage. The fate of the ranch is in your hands!


Dino Ranch – Mission Sauvetage is now available on Nintendo Switch, in physical and digital editions.


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