Dragonflight: Dream Guardians (10.2) arrives on November 7!


The stakes are high: the might of the champions of Azeroth and the Draconic Flights unite against the primordial Incarnation of Fire, Fyrakka, who is sweeping across the Emerald Dream towards the new World Tree to absorb its power. Guardians of the Dream, Dragonflight ‘s next major update, launches on November 7, just after BlizzCon!

As part of the Guardians of the Dream update, Dragonflight Season 3 will also go live a week later, on November 14. Below is a preview of what will be included

Guardians of the Dream

Available on November 7, after regional maintenance

Its main features are as follows

  • NEW ZONE: The Emerald Dream
    • New quests, locals to befriend, explorations, public objectives and much more await you in this new ephemeral zone.
  • NEW PUBLIC EVENT: Superflowering
    • Help Elder Epicime look after the growing World Tree in the Emerald Dream in this multi-level public event with exceptional new rewards.
  • NEW RENAME COURSE: Guardians of the Dream
    • The Guardians of the Dream offers new reputation rewards and activities to unlock as players progress through this renowned course.
    • Flying enthusiasts will have access to new races, techniques, customizations and glyphs, as well as a new riding drake, the dragon-faë!

Player-characters can also look forward to class tuning and balancing updates, UI and ATH updates and a host of new equipment, mounts and mascots to obtain

Dragonflight Season 3

Available November 14, 2023, after regional maintenance

Fyrakka is now the last primordial Incarnation and has allied himself with the Druids of the Flame to enter the Emerald Dream, once so calm and unchanging. He’s determined to find his way to the young World Tree, Amirdrassil, and seize its power

  • NEW RAID: Amirdrassil, the Hope of Dreams
    • Players will face nine bosses, including defenders of the Emerald Dream, Fyrakka’s top lieutenants and allies, and finally, the primordial Incarnation of Fire himself.
    • As in previous seasons, the Raids Tool modes Wing 1, Normal, Heroic and Mythic will be launched simultaneously.
    • Both wings of the mega-dungeon Dawn of Infinity will be available in Mythic mode
      • Galakrond’s Rest
      • Murozond’s Peak
    • Four dungeons from previous Mythic seasons will offer new challenges to bring a breath of fresh air to the Mythic rotation
      • Malvoie Manor, Battle for Azeroth
      • Atal’Dazar, Battle for Azeroth
      • Fourré Sombrecœur, Legion
      • Bastion du Freux, Legion
    • And two previous dungeons will benefit from Mythic mode
      • Throne of the Tides, Cataclysm
      • Eternal Flora, Warlords of Draenor

For more information on the changes to Dream Guardians as we continue testing on the public test realm, please see our Development forums and our dedicated article


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