Earth Defense Force 6 to enter orbit in North America and Europe in spring 2024


Leading Japanese gamepublisherD3Publisher Inc. today announced the highly anticipated Western release of the latest installment in the popular series, Earth Defense Force 6 for PlayStation®5, PC via Steam in Spring 2024, and on Epic Games Store shortly thereafter. The next installment promises to deliver a thrilling experience for veteran gamers and new fans alike.

Earth Defense Force 6 – Trailer

Earth Defense Force 6 takes place in 2027, three years after the events of its predecessor. Survivors continue their efforts to rebuild in the face of the Primers, but threats to global security remain. The Earth Defense Force (EDF) is once again called upon to protect the planet from aggressive alien invaders.

Key features include an all-new story, the return of the Ranger, Air Raider, Wing Diver and Fencer classes, and a huge amount of new content, including hundreds of additional missions and weapons. Players will also be able to play Earth Defense Force 6 in two-player split-screen co-op or online co-op with up to four players.

Fans and enthusiasts recently celebrated the monumental 20th anniversary of the Earth Defense Force series, which has sold over 5 million units worldwide. Two decades of relentless alien invasions and saving humanity have anchored the series in video game history. The Earth Defense Force series has become a beloved and iconic saga, captivating gamers the world over.

Earth Defense Force 6 proudly won a User’s Choice Award at the PlayStation Partner Awards 2022 and also received the “Award of Excellence” at the Japan Game Awards 2023, confirming its place as an exceptional and celebrated gaming experience.

For more information on Earth Defense Force 6, please visit the official website, follow the game on X, the community page on Steam, and D3PUBLISHER Inc. to stay informed of upcoming content and news.


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