Elgato unveils a unique teleprompter


Elgato, a CORSAIR subsidiary (NASDAQ: CRSR) is pleased to unveil the Elgato Prompter, a compact teleprompter that makes video production accessible to all. Attached to a camera or webcam, the Prompter connects creators to their audience through natural eye contact. It is powered by a computer and can display video scripts or broadcast chat via Elgato’s free Camera Hub software. The Prompter can also duplicate any window or application (such as a Zoom meeting) with a simple drag-and-drop. The icing on the cake is that, unlike other teleprompters, it doesn’t need a tablet or smartphone either: it already incorporates a 9″ screen. With its unrivalled compatibility and Stream Deck support, Elgato’s latest device transforms the way we communicate online

Teleprompter 2

For the first time, using a teleprompter is easy for creators of all kinds, opening the door to better content and stronger communities. With the Prompter, Twitch streamers can interact with the chat while looking at their camera, making live conversations much more interesting. The Prompter can also help YouTubers follow the script when recording, reducing the number of takes and thus shortening editing time. Everything is customizable via Elgato’s Camera Hub software, which is included free of charge for PC and Mac. Within the application, designers are free to manage the Prompter display and customize the appearance of the text. There’s even a Stream Deck plugin, offering more ways to control the Prompter with the press of a button, the rotation of a knob or the pressure of a foot

“We designed the Prompter to be the all-in-one solution for content creators,” reveals Jeff Stegner, Product Manager at Elgato. “For years, non-professional teleprompters offered only half the solution by requiring the use of a smartphone or tablet. And studio devices with a built-in display were too expensive for most creators. The Prompter brings together the best of both worlds.”

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Professionals also have good reason to rejoice. The Prompter is also ideal for virtual presentations, making video calls a breeze. With a simple drag and drop, users can move their Zoom or Microsoft Teams application onto the Prompter screen, directly in front of their camera. Being at eye level, the Prompter lets everyone chat while looking directly at their interlocutor. What’s more, those stuck at work no longer have to worry about missing the game: they can drag a browser window and follow each game, without sacrificing screen space

Fortunately for designers and professionals, the Prompter certainly works with the camera they use at home or at work. That’s because it’s compatible with more webcams, cameras and smartphones than any other teleprompter. (For a full list of supported devices and lenses, please see Elgato’s detailed summary) Set-up is remarkably simple, too, thanks to interchangeable back panels and a single USB cable connection. Of course, the Prompter works best when paired with other Elgato products, such as the world’s first 4K60 webcam, Facecam Pro

With this new announcement, Elgato fans can officially test the Prompter for themselves.


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