Final Fantasy XIV Online – Dawntrail: new “pictomancer” job – new “hrothgar women” playable race


At the FINAL FANTASY™ XIV Fan Festival 2024 in Tokyo, SQUARE ENIX® announced that it has surpassed the 30 million mark of registered players worldwide for FINAL FANTASY XIV Online, the critically acclaimed MMORPG. Exclusive information from the fifth expansion Dawntrail™, scheduled for summer 2024, was also shared during the event.

At the opening ceremony, producer and director Naoki Yoshida revealed the second new job in the Dawntrail expansion: the pictomancer. This remote magic DPS is a wielder of pictorial magic capable of materializing his ideas with a paintbrush. Naoki Yoshida also introduced the expansion’s new playable race: female hrothgars.

Following this, the final Dawntrail trailer was broadcast, much to the delight of attendees. It can be viewed here :

A preview of the pictomancer in action in the game is also available here
See also the video presenting the female hrothgars

Other new features planned for Dawntrail were also unveiled at the event, including a new city, new areas to explore and a new series of raids. To access the guided tour, click here:

  • New job the pictomancer: this wielder of pictorial magic brings his ideas to life with the tip of his brush. His imagination can bring anything to life: weapons, creatures and even landscapes. Such invocations require a certain amount of preparation time, so the pictomancer keeps instant spells and abilities at hand.
  • New playable race Hrothgar women: Hrothgars are normally native to Ilsabard. However, fierce hunters from Yak T’el in the Tural, the Xbr’aal, share a common ancestor with the island population. Women are few and far between in this tribe, but are recognizable by their athletic bearing. They are also born leaders.
  • New City Solution Neuf: a mysterious civilization, alien to Tuliyollal, is at the origin of this futuristic urban jungle. For a guided tour, visit
  • New zonethe Recovered Heights: this region is permanently bathed in stormy skies obscured by thick clouds and crossed by lightning. Strange constructions illuminate the darkness with a violet glow.
  • New raid series: Arcadion
  • New high difficulty raid : Avenirs réécrits (fatal)
  • New epic dungeons: a preview of the dungeons available in Dawntrail is available here: https: //
  • New game mode : cosmic exploration
  • New exploration missions: the more adventurous can now look forward to new exploration missions in the vein of “Eureka, the forbidden land” and “Guard the Queen”.
  • New restricted job: the trainer
Announced at the FINAL FANTASY XIV Fan Festival 2023 in London, the “Primordial Flames” quest series, the result of collaboration with FINAL FANTASY XVI, will be available in early April 2024.
To view the trailer, click here

The open beta of the Xbox Series X|S version of FINAL FANTASY XIV will be accessible in February, before the official release of the port scheduled for spring 2024. Xbox gamers will finally be able to join the great family of Warriors of Light!

Update 6.55 will be released on Tuesday January 16. It will include a myriad of new features, including the conclusion of the Endwalker epic with the second part of the “Growing Light” chapter, the continuation of the rocky adventures of the “Hildibrand, the Return” series and a new challenge called “The Golden Temple of Araya”. The adventure continues in Dawntrail in summer 2024.

For a summary of all the main information, please visit the special Dawntrail website: http: //

FINAL FANTASY™ XIV Online: Dawntrail will also see its first graphical update, focusing on the game’s characters and settings.

  • Improved visual aesthetics on large screens
  • Increased resolution of textures and shadows
  • Improved visual quality of materials
With over 30 million registered players, the critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY XIV Online has never seen a better time to welcome newcomers in search of an unforgettable adventure. The Enhanced Free Trial now covers all content from A RealmRebornTM through to the StormbloodTM expansion (update 4.58 included), includes an additional playable race (Ao Ra) and five additional jobs (Dark Knight, Astromancer, Machinist, Red Mage and Samurai). Free trial holders can enjoy hundreds of hours of award-winning gameplay experience and a story arc equivalent to two full titles in the FINAL FANTASY license, with no time limit on play. For full details, visit


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