Guild Wars 2: Shadow of the Mad King 2023 edition now available


The Shadow of the Mad King festival begins today. This year, ArenaNet has prepared plenty of terrifying items to collect and an all-new mode for the Demented King’s bell tower. Players have three thrilling weeks until November 7 to join in the festivities and gobble up as much candy as they can

This year, a new variant of the dreaded Demented King’s Bell Tower jumping puzzle has appeared. Normally inaccessible during maintenance, the Arrested Bell Tower now awaits visitors in search of a more leisurely version of the climb. Existing achievements have been updated to indicate in which version of the steeple they can be completed, and new achievements have been added to ensure that players reach the end of each variant

The Sorcerer’s Vault features new special objectives directing players to all manner of Halloween activities that will earn them rewards

At the top of the Arrested Bell Tower is a mysterious raven craftsman who will help players craft four impromptu paper helm appearances. They’ll be able to capture all the attention at the costume party with these helmets expressing their emotions

Many other activities can be discovered in-game and on the official Guild Wars 2 website.


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