Hold on tight! Behold the glory of Adyr’s return in the official Lords of the Fallen launch trailer


HEXWORKS, a CI Games studio, today unveiled the official launch trailer for Lords of the Fallen, a two-minute teaser announcing the highly-anticipated action-RPG’s release this Friday (October 13) on PC, PlayStation┬«5 and Xbox Series X|S. Set in the vast, interconnected lands of Mournstead, Lords of the Fallen follows one of the legendary Lampbearers on an epic quest to prevent the imminent return of the demon god Adyr.Today’s trailer coincides with the final days during which future Dark Crusaders can pre-order Lords of the Fallen on the platform of their choice

Mankind’s last hope against Adyr and his hordes will traverse the parallel worlds of the living (Axiom) and the dead (Umbral) with the aid of a mysterious, otherworldly lamp, defeat colossal, nightmarish monstrosities in both planes of existence and, if necessary, work with another crusader thanks to the game’s seamless, uninterrupted cooperation.


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