[Magic: The Gathering] Dinosaurs, Guilds and Lord of the Rings return to MagicCon: Vegas


Magic: The Gathering brings 2023 to a close with one of the fan’s favorite plans, and makes room for creativity this holiday season, while the rest of the story is in the works for early 2024

Adventure, mystery and celebrations abound at MagicCon: Vegas as Wizards of the Coast unveils exciting new details about three upcoming expansions for Magic: The Gathering. The preview panel kicked off the weekend’s events on the main stage in front of thousands, and offered an in-depth look at the Forgotten Caverns of Ixalan, a look back at a much-loved plane in Ravnica Remastered, and a presentation of the card treatments for the second installment of The Lord of the Rings: Chronicles of Middle-earth expansion

The year-end release The Lord of the Rings: Chronicles of Middle-earth™ complements the hugely popular expansion released last summer. No journey to Ixalan would be successful without dinosaurs, and the Forgotten Caverns of Ixalan are teeming with them more than ever. Ravnica Remastered will be the first expansion for 2024, and will feature magnificent card treatments for players to embellish their decks

Forgotten Caverns of Ixalan (scheduled for release on November 17)

One year after the Phyrexian invasion that spread terror and chaos across the multiverse, competing expeditions set out to conquer a secret world hidden beneath Ixalan, in search of vast riches, answers to new mysteries, legendary wonders and ancient gods who have just awakened. Some familiar faces will make their return in this expansion, including one making his first appearance as a Planeswalker

Players will discover vampires and undines, as well as a new face who made his debut in Les Friches d’Eldraine

However, the main characters are still dinosaurs, and this expansion will feature cards inspired by Jurassic World, which is celebrating its thirtieth anniversary. These cards will feature fan-favorite characters, locations and dinosaurs from across the saga

The Forgotten Caverns of Ixalan will be packed with beautiful cards themed around the world of Ixalan and its Mesoamerican-inspired culture. Borderless Oltec cards will use a similar artistic style to represent the map. The Forgotten Caverns of Ixalan team has taken care to create illustrations that respect this culture

Preview events in Wizards Play Network stores will begin on November 10, and the worldwide launch is scheduled for November 17

For more information, visit the official Magic: The Gathering website

Year-end release The Lord of the Rings: Chronicles of Middle-earth™ (scheduled for release on November 3)

New products creatively add to familiar characters and locations and build on the main expansion, released in June

A Jumpstart version, Jumpstart Vol. 2, offers an ideal gateway for new players and veterans alike, and is a great way to spend time with the family over the vacations and beyond. This version features five additional themes to mix and match: Courage, Futures, Mordor, Marauders, Journey. Shuffle and play!

Borderless Scene Cards were a big hit when the main expansion to The Lord of the Rings: Chronicles of Middle-earth was released. For the holiday season, Wizards of the Coast has created four additional scenes, featuring six new mechanically unique cards and bringing them together to form a panoramic scene that depicts key moments in the story. Galadriel’s power, Aragorn at Helm’s Deep, Gandalf in the Pelennor Fields and the Witch-King’s escape are beautiful scenes in themselves, but each tells a wonderful story

For fans of Hildebrandt’s traditional art, the expansion also features iconic Lord of the Rings illustrations by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, combined with reprints of existing Magic cards. Twenty of these cards have been chosen specifically for this treatment

The “poster” and “scroll” versions of Middle-earth feature cards from the main expansion in an alternative treatment inspired by a magnificent book. They look as if they’ve been taken straight from an old book, worn by time and many readings

The year-end release The Lord of the Rings: Chronicles of Middle-earth™ will be available on November 3. For a closer look at these artistically rich cards and to find out more about the expansion, visit the official Magic: The Gathering website

Ravnica Remastered (scheduled for release on January 12)

To kick off 2024, fans will return to the world-city of Ravnica and its guilds in Ravnica Remastered. This expansion features iconic maps with manga-style treatments and retro borders, as well as shocklands (terrain with two base types) in normal, borderless and retro versions

Ravnica Remastered brings together the most iconic maps from previous Ravnica expansions for a wildly nostalgic drafting experience and plenty of scope for collectors. Everything we love about Ravnica is here: the guilds, the scenery, the characters and the game mechanics. Cards with retro borders add a nostalgic touch, while manga-style cards enrich players’ decks

This is the perfect opportunity to visit or revisit this popular universe, which returns on January 12, 2024. Visit the official Magic: The Gathering website to find out more about Ravnica, the characters and the cards


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