MEDION unveils the Iconic Arcade, a modern arcade cabinet with a retro look


MEDION, the German computer manufacturer, has recently unveiled the Iconic Arcade, an arcade terminal for playing classic retro games. The Iconic Arcade will be on display and playable on the MEDION stand in Hall 10.1, booth C-059-B-050 atgamescom in Cologne, Germany from August 23 to 27, offering retro gaming enthusiasts a chance to preview the future of retrogaming


The Raspberry Pi 4 for smooth, easy operation

The Iconic Arcade stands out for its intelligent use of the Raspberry Pi single-board computer. Whereas arcade terminals are often limited to one or two titles from the same franchise per machine, the use of the Raspberry Pi 4 allows Iconic Arcade players to download a diverse range of arcade classics. This way, gamers aren’t limited to one Pac-Man, Street Fighter or Space Invaders game, they can easily install and enjoy all the iconic titles of the 80s and 90s

After a simple and smooth hardware installation of the terminal, gamers can download their favorite third-party operating systems such as Batocera, Retro Pie or Recalbox. In addition to these catalogs, the Raspberry Pi offers gamers the chance toinstall numerous retro games from their favorite online stores. What’s more, there’s no need to worry about difficult key configurations: they’ve all been supported for the entire catalog of over 1,000 available games


Modern design, inspired by the arcade terminals of the 80s

With aFull HD screen slightly larger than the usual 21″, USB ports and a micro-SD card slot, the collaboration between MEDION and Eldohm offers nostalgic and retrogaming fans the chance to (re)discover the greatest classics of the 80s on a modern, retro-inspired arcade terminal


Eben Upton, CEO of Raspberry Pi, is enthusiastic about the release of the Iconic Arcade: “Many of us at Raspberry Pi still have calluses on our fingers from countless button presses during the glorious arcade gaming days of the 1980s and 1990s.” He continues, “Now, thanks to MEDION and Eldohm, a new audience will have the chance to experience the singular joy of conquering these old-school classics, and we’re delighted that Raspberry Pi computers will be at the heart of their system. The combination of Raspberry Pi’s flexible, high-quality hardware with the Iconic Arcade’s large Full HD screen and carefully crafted modular design means you can become a champion street fighter on a stylish retro-gaming platform.”

The Iconic Arcade will hit the market in October 2023 at a recommended retail price of €499 including VAT, offering retro gaming enthusiasts of all ages affordable access to an unrivalled gaming experience

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