Review – Like a Dragon Gaiden : The Man Who Erased His Name


Better known as Yakuza, the series has made a change to bring it closer to its original name: Like a Dragon. In reference to the Dragon of Dojima. And after 7 games with Kiryu, we were treated to a top-notch Ichiban in a game that changed for the RPG formula. But for this one, back to basics. We were able to test it out at Gamescom 2023, and now we can finally tell you more about it, because yes, we were able to ruin the game before its release!

The legendary Dragon of Dojima!

If at Gamescom, our discovery was limited to various battles and the castle. Here, we were able to get to grips with the whole story and, above all, see why this title is on a par with the others, given that it’s more of a spin-off from the series.

The title follows on from Yakuza 6, where Kiryu had to fake his death to protect the Sunflower. This is how we find our good old warrior, now known as Joryu. Yes, well, don’t try to understand the logic, the story will explain it to you. Except that you’re often off on missions. And this awakens the soupson of the Watase family, who will quickly seek you out to settle the Omi clan’s problems. But for the rest, we’ll leave you to discover the whys and wherefores. All we can say is that the title is the kind of passing of the torch we’d have liked to see at the end of Yakuza 6!

In terms of temporality, we’re playing at the same time as Like a Dragon 7, so Ichiban is trying to get back into the Tojo family and regain his status. Yes, don’t worry if you want fan service. It’s all there for the taking.

So, yes, it’s a spin-off, but it doesn’t have to be jealous of the other titles. The quality of the writing is just as good. The title is gripping, complete and will make you cry your eyes out. If you cried at Yakuza 6, expect much more here.

The downside is that this is a title that falls between two generations; it’s not a magnificent title, but it’s not ugly either. We would have liked the title to have been finer and without texture clipping. As for its lifespan, count on a little more than 10h in a straight line, and much more for 100 percent. Because if the adventure is short. The mass of secondary content is there to fill the gap.

A gameplay between tradition and modernity…

First and foremost, this title takes everything from Yakuza 6, but with only two fighting styles. These are: Agent and Yakuza. In agent style, you’ll be able to use various gadgets such as drones, a cable or an explosive cigarette. Suffice to say, it’s a fighting style that’s a bit WTF, but it works. Even if the explanation of how and why is a tad simplistic.

On the other hand, there’s the Yakuza mode. You type and then think. I prefer this mode because it’s all about hurting enemies without thinking.

Add to that the traditional Fervor gauges and the scenery, and you’ve got everything that has made the saga such a success. And, as always, the further we progress in the adventure, the more our combos will be improved. To do this, however, you’ll need money and Akame points…

Content that’ll blow your mind…

We were talking about Akame points, and we’re right back at it. For if the title offers, as always, the traditional arcade, karaoke, sports,… There are also Akame missions. On the one hand, there are points on the map requesting various items or help with a basic situation. On the other, there are real missions with additional lore. All these missions give you precious Akame points.

These points will be useful for two things: a store and your skills. So, yes, you’ll have to go through this to become the true Dragon of Dojima once again.

Note also that Akame won’t just be there to give you quests. But also to take you to the castle. The place where you can go to the casino, meet the hostesses… But above all, fight in the arena. An arena with 3 game modes that we’ll let you discover, where you can fight solo or in a group, without having to control Kiryu… We’ll leave you to discover all this and enjoy a slap of nostalgia.

In the end, Like a Dragon Gaiden is the ultimate transitional title in the saga. A title that will grab you by the gut and leave you with a taste of too little. But no spoilers. Find out and let loose your little tear.

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