Review – Lords of the Fallen


Lord of the Fallen, if you’re familiar with the name, it’s simply because the title has already seen the light of day in the past. Except that, instead of making a sequel, the studio decided to wipe the slate clean and start all over again. And so Lords of the Fallen 2 was cancelled in favor of the series reboot. Yes, Elden Ring is partly responsible for this change of direction. Faced with the likes of Elden Ring and Lies of P, the title will have to fight hard to find its place.

A souls at heart.

The dark fantasy delirium is still present, as in its story, the divine and the demonic dimension wage war against each other, and the humans at the center find themselves embroiled in a battle that is not their own. This is where your character will be chosen to carry out his or her mission

So, yes, the title doesn’t reinvent the wheel. But it must be said that the various biomes that make up the title provide interesting detail. Just like in Lies of P, we find ourselves following a very precise, linear path. Which is just as well, because not everyone likes to mix genre and open world. So, yes, the pattern is classic: stroll, mini boss, stroll, big boss, stroll… Nothing new in Darkness

To be fair, the fact that the game follows a classic progression may appeal to those looking for a way to get into Souls without having to go back to titles that are too old or too demanding. It’s a title that doesn’t take you by the scruff of the neck, but clearly tells you: get on with it and teach the player right from the start

Dated gameplay?

We’re not going to lie: in terms of gameplay, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the title is as classic as it gets, with tapping and tapping and parrying… And yet, there are counter techniques, magic, etc., etc… Yes, the title is here to offer more ways to fight and defeat your enemies. And it’s a real pleasure to be able to switch from weapon to magic without having to change equipment mid-fight

Not to mention that you can UP your character’s stats to hit harder with a specific type of weapon or magic. As always, it’s up to you to adapt to your style of play. As with any self-respecting Souls Like game, you’ll have to make choices

It’s all about erosion.

One of the title’s new mechanics is erosion. Basically, when you block blows, your character’s life bar will turn grey due to erosion. Basically, when you block blows, your character’s life bar will turn gray due to erosion. But if you hit your enemies, you’ll get it back. It’s a nice, tactical system that allows you to disregard healing items and requires patience. It’s a mechanic that may confuse some players at first

The same applies to your enemies. And it’s often easiest to suck their souls out of their bodies and beat them up before they come back

Finally, Lords of the Fallen is a great surprise. Not a sequel, not a rehash of the first. It’s a unique title in its own right, taking the codes of the other souls and adding its own personal touch. In other words, it’s both engaging and demanding. A superb gateway to the genre. Recommended for those with strong nerves. Because, yes, the title isn’t easy.


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