Roboquest to be released on Xbox, Steam and Epic on November 7


french developer RyseUp Studios and publisher Starbreeze Entertainment today reveal that their robotic roguelite FPS Roboquest will officially launch version 1.0 on November 7, on Xbox and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and GeForce Now, priced at €24.99. During its three years of Early Access, Roboquest has maintained an impressive score of 94% positive reviews on Steam! The full, enhanced version will feature new content including new levels, side quests, power ups, enemy types, weapons, specializations and more

Roboquest is a fast-FPS with roguelite mechanics, playable solo or in two-player co-op. With an arsenal of hand-crafted weapons and original upgrades, players will need to find powerful synergies to remain a battle-ready guardian throughout their runs. Fearsome technologies will help them battle their way through canyons, energy plants and sci-fi towns. Character and play style can be customized as the run progresses, and the camp can be expanded to unlock permanent upgrades

The full version of Roboquest will include

  • Smooth controls and refined feel
  • Classes – six different classes with unique abilities and upgrades to cut, dash, infiltrate, launch rockets, drones and more
  • Varied arsenal – over 70 weapons ranging from the usual rifles and snipers to crossbows, bolters and gauntlets let players charge through hordes of deadly robots!
  • Multiple difficulty levels – difficulty levels for everyone, even FPS neophytes, from “Discovery” to “Hard”. Even more punishing difficulty levels can be unlocked as you play
  • Customizable play style – players can apply upgrades during their run to personalize their play style and discover powerful combinations
  • Nasty robots – over 70 enemies to dismantle and 10 big bad bosses to watch over the way
  • Quests and secrets – run objectives can be diversified by exploring levels and finding friendly robots and hidden secrets, to unlock new abilities and other upgrades
  • A camp – a camp to upgrade and permanent rewards to unlock, so you can go further in the game with each new run
  • Levels – over 15 different levels, each with its own environment and music track, and some even with unexpected features
  • Cartoonish cutscenes – colorful, non-intrusive cutscenes to experience your progress through the game and the story
  • Lore entries – information on the world of Roboquest to be unearthed as you explore the levels
  • Achievements – over 70 achievements
  • Collectable cards for enemies and weapons – by neutralizing enemies, players can collect cards featuring both enemies and weapons to complete the Museum
  • An original soundtrack – created with passion and care by composer Noisecream, Roboquest’s soundtrack is a real banger

For more information, visit the official website or join the Roboquest community on Discord, X, Instagram and Tiktok.


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