Rush Royale: MY.GAMES announces the launch of the Rhandum League tournament


As it approaches its third anniversary, Rush Royale, the mobile tower defense game from MY.GAMES, is organizing its biggest event to date: the Rhandum League Tournament. The event kicks off on November 23 and runs for four days. It will give players the opportunity to compete for the title, glory and exceptional rewards! Rush Royale is the #1 tower defense according to

The Rhandum League Tournament will be open to all players who have reached League 1, and will be governed by unique rules:

  • All tournament participants will be on an equal footing: the levels of units, heroes and items available to each player will be the same.
  • To take part in the tournament, players must have five decks at their disposal. Before the battle begins, each player can block two of their opponents’ decks, then enter the battle with one of the remaining three.
  • Decks can be made up of any number of units, heroes and items, but some units are unique and can only be found in one of the five decks at a time.
  • Players can earn combo points during battles, including defeating bosses, fusing units and increasing unit fusion rank. These points will help players achieve greater victory over their opponents. Participation in the tournament ends either at the end of the event’s duration, or when the player has been defeated five times.

Winners are determined by the number of victories they have achieved in the tournament. If two players have the same number of wins, the one who came out on top takes the title. The tournament will provide all players with gold, crystals, epic heroes and equipment, magic dust, essence, a special tournament emoji and animated avatar, as well as a valuable trophy case. The top 100 players will receive memorable badges on their profiles, which will be visible to all players.

Throughout the tournament, players will be able to watch exciting broadcasts of the battles, the schedule for which will soon be available on Discord, Facebook and Twitter. The Rhandum League tournament will be added to the game with the launch of update 22.1.

Rush Royale is a mobile tower defense game, focusing on the defense of a castle against waves of enemies in PvE and PvP battles. Players can build their defenses using unique heroes from a deck of cards. Rush Royale has over 63 million subscribers, and in 2023 the game set new records, registering 1.14 million daily active users (DAU) and over 6 million monthly active users (MAU).

Rush Royale is available on Android and iOS.


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