Samsung and Microsoft join forces: new connectivity features for the Galaxy Book4


Samsung recently introduced the new Galaxy Book4, a series of powerful, intelligent PCs featuring enhanced security, a vibrant interactive screen and an ultraportable design. In collaboration with Microsoft, Samsung takes the user experience to the next level with new connectivity features, making the Galaxy Book4 even more fluid, intelligent and flexible.

Microsoft Copilot ensures perfect connection between PC and smartphone

Thanks to Microsoft Copilot’s intuitive AI[1]the Galaxy Book4 integrates seamlessly with smartphones. Microsoft Copilot lets you search, read or summarize SMS messages on a Samsung Galaxy. It’s even possible to automatically write and send messages directly from the PC.

Copilot finds, for example, restaurant recommendations given by friends in old SMS messages, searches for the corresponding reviews in the browser and then sends a message to the right person suggesting dinner that evening. All this is done directly from the PC, without having to open each individual app on the smartphone.

This seamless connection between devices gives the impression of using just one device. Microsoft Copilot will also be able to handle more and more apps, further extending connectivity between Samsung Galaxy devices.

Powerful PC camera thanks to smartphone pairing

With the rise of hybrid working, video meetings are now the norm. With the Galaxy Book4 series, the phone camera becomes a PC webcam[2]giving access to high-quality Galaxy smartphone cameras for apps such as Microsoft Teams.

With a single click, you can switch between front and rear cameras, adapting to any configuration. When you need to quickly adjust the image frame, you can easily switch from one camera to the other without changing PC settings. What’s more, background blur and auto-framing are also available to bring the image into focus in any environment, whether in a busy café or a meeting room.

Thanks to Samsung’s ongoing collaboration with Microsoft, more and more smart features are being added to the Galaxy Book4 series. What’s more, it’s possible to pair the Galaxy Book4 with different Galaxy devices. Use, for example, the Tab S9 Ultra as an additional screen for the PC, or connect the Galaxy Buds2 Pro for high-quality sound with minimal latency.

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