SCUF Gaming unveils SCUF Envision, the game-changing PC controller.


SCUF Gaming, creator of high-performance gaming controllers (NASDAQ: CRSR), today announced the launch of its revolutionary new line of PC controllers, SCUF Envision. Designed specifically for PC gamers, SCUF Envision redefines the PC gaming experience by offering an unprecedented level of customization and state-of-the-art technologies

With an unrivalled level of control that gives PC gamers a decisive edge, and its extra control options, it’s no surprise that SCUF controllers are making a name for themselves in gaming competitions. The 11 additional remappable inputs on this familiar-shaped controller are a step ahead of the competition. They allow gamers to create a layout to suit their unique style of play, with easy access to every control, every time

Envision 2

“We aim to give PC gamers choosing to play with a controller the best possible gaming experience,” says Bertrand Chevalier, GM at SCUF Gaming. “Before Envision, gamers had to make do with limited performance, with controllers that weren’t optimized for PC gaming. Today, thanks to Envision, they benefit from enhanced control and reduced response times on a PC-specific platform.”

Proof of its versatility, the SCUF Envision features five fully programmable G-keys for easy access to any PC shortcut. The controller also features two secondary action buttons (SAX) that open up new possibilities in game configuration, as well as four rear paddles to react faster and enjoy more control in your favorite games. Switch weapons, jump or slide, without even moving your thumbs from the joysticks. Launch an application, mute your microphone or start a stream without taking your hands off the controller

The SCUF Envision innovates even further with mechanical directional cross and ABXY buttons, for precise, responsive input. With the SCUF Envision Pro, gamers can also take advantage of adjustable Instant Triggers to use mouse-like clicks for rapid FPS shooting and to enjoy all RPGs and racing games. The controller’s hyper-fast connectivity guarantees smooth, lag-free inputs, with the Envision Pro offering ultra-low-latency CORSAIR SLIPSTREAM wireless technology for a totally wireless PC gaming experience

Envision 1

“SCUF has always been ahead of the game when it comes to performance controllers. We introduced rear control functions in 2011 and have been innovating ever since. Being part of the Corsair family has given us the opportunity to bring together the best of both brands to create together the best control experience for PC gamers,” said Chevalier. “The SCUF Envision embodies the future of gaming controllers thanks to even greater precision and performance.”

The SCUF Envision integrates seamlessly with the power of Corsair iCUE software, allowing gamers to customize trigger and joystick response curves from the interface they use to configure their entire PC. Gamers can also synchronize their joystick’s RGB light strip with the rest of the battle station to enjoy an unprecedented gaming atmosphere

Bringing unrivalled versatility and customization within your reach, the SCUF Envision offers more control, more finesse and more performance to change the game, once again

Pricing and availability

Compatible with Windows 10 PCs, the SCUF Envision is available from €149.99 and Envision Pro from €199.99. Both models will be available from October 12 from selected retailers and on the SCUF Gaming website:

SCUF ENVISION customizable color and design variants will be available soon.


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