the Fallout universe and Vault Boy arrive in Magic: The Gathering


Post-nuclear, retro-futuristic adventures await players with Magic: The Gathering® – Fallout®, the legendary collaboration of two cult universes

Four new Commander decks featuring iconic Fallout characters, weapons, abilities and locations will be released on March 8, 2024. Special card treatments feature Pip Boy, with the video games’ famous green and black interface

Commander decks feature key Fallout themes: Survival, Technology, Army and Mutants. Each deck will feature the colors of a character illustrating each theme: Canigou, Dr. Madison Li, Caesar and The Phallene Man

Survival decks require players to find food, tools and allies to win the game. The German shepherd Canigou, famous companion of many Fallout games, will lead you to victory, and the Junk token mechanic will allow players to sacrifice him to draw cards

Technology decks use high-tech energy weapons, scientists, synthetic beings and pre-war robots to carry out your orders. Artifacts can generate Energy, a mechanic that makes a comeback and adapts to the world of Fallout, enabling you to achieve victory. Dr. Madison Li, one of the most eminent scientists in the Fallout universe, is the Commander of this deck

Army decks are defended by militant faction leaders and their soldiers, as well as by raiders from the Desolate Lands. Caesar, a militaristic dictator who wanted to conquer post-war America in Fallout: New Vegas, will command the armies of this deck and call on a brigade of cloned creatures

Mutant decks feature Fallout’s dangerous and bizarre mutant creatures. The Phallene Man from Fallout 76 takes center stage in this deck, rich in powerful creatures such as wild ghouls. Radiation tokens can have an impact on your opponent’s deck, or power your own deck with radiation markers

In addition, Saga cards tell the story of this alternate reality in atompunk America. Finally, main decks will include Pip Boy cards with borders, while borderless Vault Boy cards in the Fallout art style will be available in Collector’s Boosters

The full-art illustrations on the terrain cards will showcase the hostile environments of the Fallout games. This is the first time ever that Magic: The Gathering decks will feature a post-nuclear sci-fi theme

Magic: The Gathering® – Fallout® combines the strategy of MTG with the post-nuclear, dystopian world of the Fallout RPG to appeal to fans. These cards will take pride of place in the decks and collections of Magic fans, thanks to their gameplay mechanics and superb illustration treatments

For more information, visit Daily MTG to find out more about the cards featured in our First Preview.


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