The new season of Les Chuchoteurs is now available in Waven!


Until February 13, the Whisperers invade WAVEN, accompanied by the hero Astramantis, available free of charge from today. First introduced during the Albuera Season, Astramantis is now available to all directly from the character creation menu.

Embody this powerful IOP lancer and make good use of his unique ” Bond Mantis ” passive to rush into the thick of the fray!

And to celebrate the arrival of this new hero to as many people as possible, an ultimate skin, the result of a collaboration with Tony Valente, author of the RADIANT manga, is now available in the in-game store in exchange for Gems!


The new season also introduces a new time portal allowing you to embody the Whisperer horde. Don’t be fooled by appearances. The Whisperers are tiny, mysterious creatures in armor, acting in groups and capable of taking many by surprise .

Go to the time portal and try to repel the onslaught of Bonta’s guards. Use the “Reinforce” mechanic to summon your troops and climb to the top of the seasonal leaderboard!


Finally, this season players will find brand new Gold and Platinum Passes filled with items related to the Whispering Horde:

  • A Whisperer pet that will faithfully follow you on your adventures.
  • A host of visual effects to show off in battle and out in the world.
  • Classy Whispereremotes.
  • Seasonal tickets for more opportunities to fight Bontarien.
  • And lots of gems to get your hands on more skins, visual effects and emotes from WAVEN’s in-game Shop!

Never forget that size isn’t everything… The Whisperers are the proof! So roll up your drums, sound your trumpets and get in the game now to enjoy this new season!