WAVEN – New season Lance-Dur – Chapter 2: Belladonna


Belladonna’s seasonal battle takes the place of Cire Momore, and players have a daily rendezvous at the time portal on the competitive island. With their daily ticket, they can try their hand at the challenge until December 19.

The ladder is reset to zero for this new season, but still rewards the best players with chests, Wakfu Fragments and gems to buy cosmetic items in Waven’s in-game store. All participants will receive 500 Wakfu Fragments to exchange for Albuera chests, which allow them to add rings, armbands, spells and companions to their decks.


Battlepass challenges are available every week, and players can earn between 10 and 50 stars. As these stars accumulate, it’s possible to progressively unlock the rewards of this chapter! Emotes, pets, visual effects and companion skins can be collected throughout the Belladonna chapter.

Each Combat Pass has its own set of rewards, but the Platinum Pass unlocks them all! You can collect all the rewards at any time, provided you have enough stars.

All these rewards are only unlockable in the Combat Pass for the duration of Chapter 2: Belladonna. Should you forget, the rewards will wait patiently in a mailbox, in-game, when the next chapter is launched. Season tickets, on the other hand, can only be used for the current chapter.

The poisonous Belladonna will be followed by the final chapter of the Lance-Dur season: entitled Albuera, it will run until mid-January and offer new seasonal battles, challenges, rewards and much more.


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