Harry Potter: Magic Emerges offers early bird rewards

Warner Bros. Games and NetEase, Inc. have revealed new pre-registration rewards for Harry Potter: Magic Emergesthe highly anticipated multiplayer trading card and wizarding duel game scheduled for a worldwide release in 2022. In collaboration with « Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets, » fans who pre-register for Harry Potter : Magic Emerges will receive a special Fantastic Beasts card pack featuring the Niffler and Young Manticore summoning cards. Players are invited to go pre-register on Google Play or the official website to receive exclusive rewards once the title is released at www.Lamagieemerge.com. Witches and warlocks can also collectively unlock additional rewards after reaching each pre-registration stage.
In Harry Potter: The Magic Emerges players will learn spells and charms in the form of cards to use in wizard duels and battles with monsters. Summonses are a special class of cards that summon magical creatures, artifacts or perform effects on the battlefield to attack enemies or aid allies. Through strategic deck building, spell combining and summoning, players can overcome the toughest challenges in Duel Club or the Forbidden Forest. Inspired by the young Manticores introduced in« Fantastic Animals: Dumbledore’s Secrets, » their in-game Summoning card is just as menacing and particularly fearsome. With their curved tails and spiny heads, young Manticores look somewhat like crustaceans and, like their adult counterparts, are both aggressive and carnivorous. Witches and warlocks who are unlucky enough to encounter them in Harry Potter : Magic Emerges can quickly find themselves in trouble. The Niffler is a magical beast with a long snout and black, fluffy fur. They live underground in deep burrows and are attracted to shiny objects, which makes them exceptional at finding treasure. They will therefore be able to steal precious objects from Harry Potter : Magic Emerges to help witches and wizards restore their magic points. Co-developed and co-published by Warner Bros. Games and NetEase Games, Harry Potter: Magic Emerges will be released worldwide this year on iOS and Android as a title from Portkey Games, the label dedicated to creating new mobile experiences and video games inspired by the Wizarding World that put the player at the center of their own adventure.


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