Physical versions of Sifu are now available


Sloclap Studio and publisher Microids are pleased to announce that the physical PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 (Vengeance Edition) and PC (Deluxe Edition) versions of the game Sifu are now available. The second title from Paris-based studio Sloclap, famous for its successful multiplayer game Absolver (2017), Sifu offers a digest of fast-paced action against a backdrop of kung-fu and revenge. *** Discover the contents of the physical versions of Sifu, available now! ImageThe Vengeance Edition includes:

  • An exclusive SteelBook®
  • The standard edition of the game (PS4 or PS5)
  • The Art of Sifu’ artbook
  • The original soundtrack of the game (in digital format)
  • 3 lithographs

ImagePC gamers can also purchase the Deluxe Edition in physical form. It includes 3 lithographs and an Epic Games Store download code that gives access to the game, the digital artbook ‘The Art of Sifu’ and the game’s soundtrack in digital format. *** In addition, the release of the physical versions of Sifu the release of the physical versions of Sifu is also accompanied by a first free update that includes new difficulty modes (Student, Disciple and Master), a new advanced training mode and new cosmetic outfits for your character. Check out all the upcoming content via the roadmap below: Image *** About Sifu Sifu takes on the vibrant intensity of classic kung fu films, with raw, realistic combat. The game tells the story of a young apprentice who has spent his entire life training to avenge his family, who were brutally killed by a mysterious squad of assassins. The unique gameplay of Sifu finds its essence at the crossroads of two popular and established genres, blending the timeless intensity and thrill of beat’em ups with the great freedom of 3D third-person action games. Set in a fictional Chinese city, you will unravel an ancient mystery through a series of perilous confrontations that will test your skills to the limit. To turn this desperate situation around, you’ll need to rely on your kung fu skills, but also on a magical pendant that brings life back to you if you fail. The counterpart is not insignificant, since you will age significantly with each resurrection: time will be the price to pay for your revenge. The game’s unique « hand-crafted » visual style harkens back to classic kung fu films, where revenge and redemption intertwine to blend with Sloclap’s demanding gameplay and proven martial arts expertise Sifu offers a unique playful approach to kung fu in a stunning single-player adventure; a true journey of initiation.


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