review – Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl


Its announcement between secret and teaser had raised the hype of the community. With licenses known to the youngest and oldest. Except that here, the title will rub the monster of the medium that remains undefeated since its release: Smash Bros. The strength of the title? Its crazy rooster

It’s not Smash who wants it.

The principle, 4 players can enter the arena to fight at the controls of the heroes of Nickelodeon. Just like in a Smash Bros, each hit will raise a counter to the critical percentage that will allow you or your opponents to propel the character out of the arena. All 20 available characters have their own unique moves, which will allow everyone to find the characters that suit them. In truth, it’s almost a complete copy of Smash Bros, but with some imperfections. It’s a shame, because the title could have come to challenge Smash on its own ground. The downside is that some characters are given preferential treatment compared to others. As if the characters that are out of the ordinary were more complicated to model and animate. Not to mention the numerous collision bugs. If all this had not been present, we would have had a perfect game. Because these are points that the big players will not forgive. Not to mention the fact that, in terms of audio, the title never uses official music or voices, so we are less taken by nostalgia.

On the other hand, the big players will be happy to know that the title has a real netcode and favors competitive 1V1 and does it well. This kind of small detail could allow the title to see its name in the biggest prestigious tournaments. This would change us a bit from smash which has the monopoly. Finally, you will have understood, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl is a title for the general public with a competitive part that has had the greatest of care. But the few small flaws spoil the picture, but its easily recoverable


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