Samsung sells more than one million Smart Monitors worldwide


With a stylish design and features that make your life smarter and more enjoyable

Samsung today announced that its Smart Monitor has been sold more than one million times worldwide. The Samsung Smart Hub is built into the monitors, making them extremely versatile. The monitors are not only suitable for work and home education, you can also use various OTT services1services, such as Netflix, Samsung TV Plus and YouTube without having to connect to a PC. All in a stylish design. Samsung launched the first Smart Monitor at the end of 2020 and more than a million have already been sold. The monitor has surged in popularity this year after Samsung upgraded its lineup. Sales of the Smart Monitor were up 40 percent in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021. Samsung’s Smart Monitor lineup now includes eleven models, with the M8, M7, and M5 being the newest. The M8 stands out with its iconic, sleek design that blends seamlessly into any environment. Considering its versatility, it’s no wonder the Smart Monitor is so popular. The M8 is available in Warm White, Sunset Pink, Daylight Blue and Spring Green. The M8 comes with a SlimFit camera that you can attach magnetically. It is ideal for video meetings and other innovative technologies that are perfectly suited to our lifestyle. The Smart Monitor M8 is not only popular with the general public, the display has also earned industry accolades. It received the CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree from the CTA (Consumer Technology Association). On March 28, Samsung took the first pre-orders for the M8 and they immediately exceeded all expectations. « Now that we increasingly work and study at home, but also want to be entertained at home, the traditional role of the monitor has changed. The Smart Monitor certainly plays a role in this. From the start, our goal was to meet people’s current and evolving needs, » says Evert Van Camp, Display Director of Samsung Benelux. It’s great to reach the milestone of one million monitors sold, but it’s also great to see how the Smart Monitor enriches people’s lives. »


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