Sharkoon SB2 | Multi-compatible sound card for optimal audio control


Sharkoon Technologies, an international provider of high performance, quality PC components and peripherals, now introduces the SB2, a successor to its popular sound card, featuring accessible microphone mute and quick and easy volume control. The sound card requires no driver, allowing quick and easy use on all computers and laptops. Furthermore, thanks to the sound card, any headphones or earphones with 3.5 mm audio jacks can be connected. Customized audio configuration is made possible by the 10-band equalizer available with the software. The extra-large buttons allow quick and easy control of the volume and microphone mute.

Various customization options

Optional software for configuring the audio to personal taste and requirements can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. In addition to the virtual 7.1 sound, configurations can also be made using a 10-band equalizer. In addition, quick adjustments are available in the form of 12 predefined equalizer modes. These can be used to adapt the audio to, for example, different music genres.

A welcome addition to headphones

The large buttons allow easy and accessible volume control and microphone mute. The SB2 has two 3.5 mm audio ports for microphone and headphones, with the headphone port also functioning as a TRRS connection for headphones.

With these ports all common headphones with audio jacks can be connected to the sound card. It can be connected to all common computers and laptops with a free USB-A port.

Price and availabilityé

The SB2 is now available at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price of 12.99 euros.


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