Doraemon: Story of Seasons, the most unlikely cross-over of recent times. Between Doraemon the blue robot cat become an icon in Japan and agricultural games similar to A stardew Valley. By the way, it is a first for Europe to see a game stamped Doraemon! 


Doraemon tells the adventures of a little robot cat straight from the future accompanied by a little boy named Nobi. His goal? Prevents him from making mistakes and hurting him and the next generation. It is in this context that we will follow slices of life of Nobi and his companion Doraemon. Here we find the same story. Nobi has to carry out a school project and during this research, he will come across a mysterious seed. And it is by pushing it that everything slips. The seed has become a giant tree that will be accompanied by a storm that will distort time and space sending our entire small group straight to an old-fashioned village: Shinzen Town. Here, no modernism, everything done has the hand. And there is no way that the children do not participate in the tasks! Only, voila, we will have to actively participate in this world because our good old Doraemon has lost all these gadgets and will have to find them. In the meantime, we have a farm to rebuild!


Fortunately, the title will not require much knowledge. And will gradually give you everything you need to accomplish your task. Not to mention that the title is full of tutorials of all kinds to teach you to master all your tools and gadgets. However, it will be criticized that the title does not have a command to make manual work faster. If at the beginning of your adventure you will be very limited, quickly, you will find something to fill your days. Between the missions given to the city, the events related to the calendar, the seasons. Everything is good to give you something to do. Be careful, however, to your inventory which will be very limited at the beginning and which will often be a source of frustration and a large number of round trips. The title will hold you for many hours. You will often not see the time pass, we have already caught ourselves doing a 4-hour session without realizing it and to finally only take care of our fields.If the titles of the genre had managed over the years to make the genre attractive, Doraemon Story of Saison perfects it in its sauce and will delight the adorers of the blue cat. finally, we find a fairly complete title and devoid of any bug of all kinds. A little nugget for lovers of the genre. Especially since the soundtrack and design are extremely neat to the point of letting you be transported by history and anecdotes of all kinds. We can only advise him for all ages.


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