(This is a test from before the OVH fire, the images will be back later) Back in 1997 where a series forever marks the world of video games with a certain Final Fantasy VII. A title offering an adventure with great freedom and especially a transition to 3D for the world of RPG. 23 years later, Final Fantasy VII returns after 5 years of waiting since its announcement. Suffice to say that Square Enix managed to raise the hype before creating the grumbling of the fans by cutting the title into several stand alone parts. So, let's dive here into the first part that will plunge us into a midgard ben more complete than in the past. 


Final Fantasy VII Remake is a title that will appeal to the nostalgic as well as the newcomer. If the title offers a facelift of size and completes its history. Its combat system is still present. It's up to you to see if you want in classic mode with a combat system taken from the old title or if you want a more nervous title with an active pause system. Understand by the that the title will not give you respite in the choice of your skills unless you wish. The title will then be slowed down to give you time to give orders to your teammates. Suffice to say that this system is similar to what Final Fantasy XV had already presented to us with here the ATB gauge that will be crucial and central to the combat system. Without an ATB gauge, it is impossible to launch a skill, a spell or an object. So it's up to you to choose your actions at the right time.


If you're a hardcore fan, you've done Crisis Core and seen Advent Children. And spoiler-free. Know that the story goes further than swinging us in the ranks of Avalanche alongside Tifa and Barret. We have more depth here in characters totally secondary to the first version. Jessie, Biggs and Wedge have never been more endearing than in this version. So as much to tell you that going to the assault of the Mako reactors will keep you at the throat as the information abounds everywhere. Not to mention that the title mixes passages from Crisis Core, Final Fantasy VII International or Advent Children. Here we are entitled to all the elements missing from the secondary works. Which makes the whole background logical. In addition, we feel that the creation of the characters has totally inspired the ancients, but adds more depth. The one who also takes off in this version is Barret who is entitled to a background and a place much more gripping than just big arms. On the dubbing side, it should be noted that the entire title is fully dubbed in several languages, including French! Only downside… You will be annoyed at times by the voice of some characters… (this is our opinion!) Without any spoilers, you will be caught at any time wanting to know more about what surrounds you and about the tormented past of Cloud! We finally take a real pleasure to see cloud offer itself little by little and share its story.


If the title is entitled to a treatment to the little onion with gripping passages and colorful enemies. We take pleasure in reliving passages that had marked the video game with among others Don Cornéo and the Wall Market. However, if the chara design is cared for to the highest point. We will not say that about the sets. At times, the title forgets textures or offers us rather drooling passages. We feel that the title has not had the same care for all the elements that surround it. And it's a shame, because when this kind of element surrounds us, we only see that and it totally spoils the immersion. But if we pass over this, we discover a living and screaming Midgar. All NPCs live their lives and swing their backgrounds at any time never leaving you with an empty mind. We are here on a title that wants to immerse you totally and does it superbly. Accompanied by a most sublime soundtrack, and here you have the must of the current JRPG. At least in part, because the end will give you a taste of unfinished, of desire for more. We're not talking about the Endgame content set up here just to inflate the lifespan in the same way as the side quests. But because we are added a challenge only present to hold us longer. Too bad. Finally, we can only wait for the sequel and find out what happens outside of Midgar in the continuation of the adventures of our heroes. Hoping that Square Enix listens to the fans and makes controllable an important character that has become secondary. (We spoil not, find out for yourself). If the sequel is of the same level, we risk seeing the disappearance of the open world that had made the glory days of the series. But to know that, we will have to wait. And hopefully we don't have to wait 5 years.


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