Test – Guardians of the Galaxy


Announced in great surprise at E3, Guardians of the Galaxy was not one of the most anticipated titles and wrong. Because Edios who had helped the latest Marvel title to date was expected at the turn. People being afraid that the title is a wet petard. So let's see together if Star Lord goes up the slope. 

The saviors of the Galaxy. 

If you don't know the Guardians of the Galaxy, which would surprise me. We are talking about a group of superheroes traveling through the Galaxy in order to do various missions for money. So here we are on a re adaptation of the comics more than the movies. Which in itself is a real happiness because we detach ourselves a little from the cinematographic universe. However, we keep the humor of the films and we bring freshness on top. If the title keeps the names and origins of all the secondary characters. He completely reinvents that of the group in order to give them an origin story of their own. With, for example, a rewriting of star lord's youth to the point of creating a fictional music group that makes sense of our hero's name. No other Marvel game had dared the bet of creating a complete music group to create an origin story. And suffice to say that it works totally. To the point of having the band present on Spotify. For the rest, the goal will be to travel from planet to planet to advance the main plot We are really on a system close to a Mass Effect in all the choices and narration. For the rest on the other hand…

Nervous fights but with a dubious choice. 

As for the rest of the gameplay, we'll find ourselves in the role of Star Lord and that's it. Which is a bit of a shame because we would have liked to be able to use all the Guardians. Their roles will be to help you in battle and to do this, you can give them orders to use their special abilities. For skills, you will gain swords over the course of the fights and with each level rise you will be entitled to place a skill point and thus unlock more. Nothing new and thrilling, but it will give you a sense of accomplishment. On the side of Star Lord, you will be entitled to a fairly classic gameplay with body a crops and ranged attacks. Subsequently, elementary attacks will be added to all this to complicate a hair the fights. At times, you will also be entitled to a gathering. This will offer you to make a choice in your group motivation. If you make the right choice, the whole team will have a boost. If not, only Star Lord will benefit. In addition, it will launch a music that at times does not stick to the fight at all. But apart from that… The soundtrack is just ouffisime! Pure auditory happiness. Finally, what more can I say? The Guardians of the Galaxy is a must have. good gameplay, top-notch storytelling, exceptional soundtrack,… For us the Guardians of the Galaxy is a GOTY! We can only advise you.


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