Test – My Friend Peppa Pig


In the Outright Games Ltd. series, you can find everything. And this time, we find My Friend Peppa Pig. A title was released on October 22, 2021 that surprised us a little because more based on discovery and narration with minimalist gameplay. 

An original but well-known story. 

The story is simplistic. We start with the simplified creation of his character according to these desires. We are not going to lie to each other everything is limited and simplistic but sticks totally to the universe of the title. The little ones will be able to create the avatar that they like according to their tastes. We are here on a title with not very complicated gameplay. From the start, you will understand that there are only two possible moves, the right or the left and an action key. So getting started is easy. This will be much simpler for the little ones. In addition, the title has parental control aids that limit play time. A must to control the time that the smallest spend in front of the screen. From this moment, you will understand that you will relive passages from various episodes of the series. With the ultimate goal go to Patata Park! At the level of mini games, we will have to go to the assembly, the school, to the grandparents, to the beach,… So many sets known to the smallest that will make them relive their favorite episode. For us Pepa pig is the best game of the studio this year as it is totally in the spirit of the series. The graphic universe is when has him totally identical to the series. The soundtrack too. The only downside will come from the dubbing that is not from the series and that will confuse some children. For the rest. For my part, I never get tired of having a good time laughing with my daughter on the title. She who is a fanatic of the series, living it is a must. Side lifespan, you will be entitled to 3 hours of game in a straight line. But the game manages to make sure of the increased by simulating a duration of day or Dad and Mom Pig come to tell you that the day is over and you have to start a new cycle. Finally, we will advise the game to the parent wanting a relaxing moment with their children. The title is pleasant and relaxing and does not push pa to the nervousness. We are more about the contemplative than the full action.  


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