We no longer present One Punch Man, a real phenomenon even before its release. And any successful manga is entitled to its adaptation into a video game. With a universe and its antihero, it is difficult to imagine a title setting up a hero beating everything that moves in one shot. And yet Bandai Namco offers us a fighting game putting Saitama in the background to rather highlight his universe.


The title will set up the universe from the first seconds. You will have to create your hero and go on an adventure. If at first your character is quite basic and lacking in originality. The further you advance in the adventure, the more you can have the costumes you have in mind. The formula is quite basic and already well wrung out by other titles. We find ourselves in various areas where you will have access to your main and secondary missions. And so on in order to get experience to improve your character. Because at first, you will have the striking power of a newborn and will finish with Saitama's strike. If on paper it makes you want to. We find ourselves on a dated and not dynamic title… If everything is set up to see your favorite characters take powerful moves and be entitled to visible changes. We quickly find ourselves doing the same sequences in a loop without trying to change method, because the repetitiveness of the fights is done from the first hour of play. On the side of the staging, it is the same topo, we are on a title that lacks punch and that will fill its lifespan by useless missions asking you to go see a character and then another for … nothing. Finally, it will allow you at times to unlock a new fighter for your pleasure. But we would have liked to at least fight them to unlock them. Just to have a real sense of accomplishment. We were talking to you from experience. And as much to tell you right away. The title will often push you to fight unnecessarily in a loop just to amass enough experience and power to move forward in the rest of the story. Yes, the game pushes to the big to increase its lifespan.


The title or title will still offer interesting ideas and poorly exploited will come from random elements or the expectation of external help. For example, it will often happen that the title announces an invasion or the imminent impact of a meteorite. And so you will have to anticipate all this. But this is sorely lacking in impact. We will have fun once or twice having to wait for Saitama who runs like a rat to the fight and finish the match in one shot. But at the end of the 10th match of its kind, we get tired… On the graphics side, we are on a title completely dated and lacking in depth. And when we see the quality of the anime, we would have liked a title to match. And nothing is set up to even scratch the crazy work done by the anime. Finally, One Punch Man is a first try that will appeal only to the big fan wanting to go further than the anime. But for those looking for a different fighting game, they will be disappointed from start to finish. Hoping that our hero will come to put a few more shots in a next work. 


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