Test – Roguebook – A Belgian roguelite / deck builder!


If we tell you Belgian game, you think directly of Larian Studio. And yet, Abrakham a small studio in Liége offers us a spiritual suite to their universes created with Faeria. Under the name of Roguebook, one would expect a Xeme roguelite with cards as quite a few have arrived on the market. And yet, we move away from it thanks to clean mechanics. Not to mention that LORD MASTER GOD Richard Garfield knew for his creation Magic; The Gathering is also fully involved in the creation and development of the title. Suffice to say that the added value is at the rendezvous. In addition, after a beta that had made a lot of noise and then a demo that had attracted covetousness, Roguebook managed to shift its release date not in the future, but in advance. With an initial release on July 17. Suffice to say that the studio is confident and believes in their little babies to advance the date by a month.

The soul of cards!

As said at the beginning, Roguebook is a Roguelite. By this you mean that you will die, die a lot… Too much to die. And at the same time, progress. Each part will give you experience and allow you to go further. This will also be combined with the card collection you will have throughout the adventure. The goal will be to cross a hexagonal map with a reduced field of view. You will find various items and bonuses that will allow you to face various enemies and bosses scattered across the map. Once an enemy is approached, you will then be transported to another battle screen. Here you can take your time. Nothing will push you to hurry. A bit like the classic board card games. This mechanic is certainly not new, but the Roguebook diversifies is that it rewards the player with all these actions. So it's up to you to take your time and think carefully about the road you are going to take.

Take your time. 

If your first few games put you in trouble, very quickly, roguebook's progression curve will fall into place and you will quickly understand how to lose and why. And so, go further and further. Roguebook is never frustrating and this is its great strength. The title is very easy to handle and will give you a feeling of evolution with each failure. However, count no less than 10 hours of play before understanding how it is totally in hand and the different strategies. Knowing that the title is a deck builder allowing you to create a huge deck that will offer you an infinity of possibilities. In addition, its replayability is almost infinite and it is the one that we realize that Roguebook is one of the titles has absolutely owned. You won't see your first hours on the title!

In a book!

If on the side of the soundtrack, we have nothing to complain about, the game is very pleasant to listen to. On the side of its history, the title transports us in a book where the goal will be in to come out. So yes, said like that, the scenario is very basic. But that's not what you ask of a game like this. However, it should be noted that the title shares the universe of Faeria. What will surely give you the desire to discover is another title of the studio (very good title also by the way that had been offered on the Epic Game Store and is also available on Steam and home console.). The other peculiarity is that the title offers four characters with very different archetypes or you will have to choose only two. This does not impact the story, but rather the way you play.

Want more. 

The where we quickly find ourselves frustrated is that once we have gone around the content has unlocked. We want more! More enemies, more characters to unlock, more challenge! Basically, enough to become even more powerful and have even more fun! The big downside I have vis-à-vis Roguebook is that if graphically it is very beautiful. We feel that the title could easily be released on mobile. However, everything is beautifully encrusted and lively. 0 faults at this level! Some bugs present during our long sessions, but nothing discouraging. We feel that the studio will solve various problems very quickly. Roguebook still has a lot to offer us and we hope that the studio will offer us even more content in the future! In addition, the title can be played on both short and long sessions thanks to its progress save. So you have no excuse not to try it! 


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