Test – Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD – Old but gold!


If we know that a Shin Megami Tensei V is to arrive on Switch, Sega offers us an HD remaster of one of the most cult episodes of the series. If initially the title was released in Europe under the name of Lucifer's Call on PlayStation 2. It is officially the 3rd opus of the saga. Let's see together if this version pays tribute to the basic materials! (We tested the game on PS5 in its PS4 version. So we won't talk about loading times.)

A dark and empty Tokyo. 

Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster of its full name is quite difficult to say just as it is difficult to overcome. We are talking here about a fairly hardcore RPG franchise that was at the origin of the Persona. Shin Megami having had a spin-off talking about student offering another vision of the first title that will later also be entitled to a spin-off that will be named Persona. Which means that now we end up with two completely different series. If the Saga Persona is very colorful and with a lot of humor, SMT is the opposite. We are more in a totally post-apo world where humanity has been reduced to nothing. In SMT III we play as a student who will be transformed into Mi-Demon in order to be able to find these comrades and also face the danger of the world. Speaking of the world, it is limited to a Tokyo destroyed and closed in on itself forming a sphere. Except that the demons are not the only ones in the game. We will find factions that will do everything to get their hands on a great power. Because yes, you are not the right one, because it is chaos. An entity is present at the center of the map requires energy to offer the most powerful the power to reshape the world to its image. Your goal will be to lend a hand to a mysterious man who will follow you throughout your adventure.

It hurts!

We're not going to lie, SMT III is difficult, if it takes the classic turn-based RPG mechanics, we find so much weakness and strength in the types of monsters that we must have a versatile team at all times. To do this, you will be entitled to the great classic of the series. Namely monster recruitment, fusion and level woman. On the hero's side, you will be able to assimilate power again during your adventure totally changing your stats and power according to what you equip yourself. This will have a definite advantage at times, but will require you to search the whole game to get your hands on all of them. Graphically, the title has undergone a nice little facelift that makes it passable on current consoles. But above all has a lot of new content such as DLC that was not included in our basic version or in the Japanese one. But also new difficulty choices as an easy mode. Be careful, easy according to SMT III will not save you from a few defeats, it is certainly easier, but keeps the basic type rules of monsters. So if you have a team full physical damage against a monster that has a total defense… You're just going to cry. Finally, SMT III is a title that we must do if we are a fan of the saga or JRPG in the old way. The title is comprehensive and extensive. But it also offers a gripping and adult story far from what the Persona saga offers. In any case, it will make you wait a little before the release of SMT V!


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