Test – Spirit Lucky's great adventure


We continue in the series adaptations in game with this time Spirit, the great adventure of Lucky. A title still intended for young audiences with Still at the controls Outright Games which multiplies the adaptations to the channel!

The poorly trained stallion.

We're not going to lie, adaptations of the genre often sound quite sloppy. And for good reason, the studios in charge offer development times and shots defying all compete. Which is the great evil of adaptations. We find ourselves here on a fairly empty game and with a modeling below the series which is already very polish. We end up with a title that on switch or Playstation 5 suffers from the same problems. But hey, quickly have a very young audience that does not yet ask the question of whether the game is good or not and the various bugs. Because the goal is above all to dive and interact with the license in question. Which is in itself a shame as the title offers an open world and could have offered much more. On the gameplay side, we find a basic title with such basic quests. Basically you can go on foot or on horseback and gallop or jump with it. And that's all. Well we didn't expect a revolutionary gameplay either given the title. But, at least that it is perfect on this point. Because the platform phases gave us nightmares when we had to take the controller in hand to help children blocked from the platform rather poorly placed. For a title sold for 40 euros on average, expect 3 hours of gameplay. Which makes the hour expensive. For in the end little to do in this title. Kids will love it because they find Lucky and can take control of it. Parents will be angry to see that in 2021, we can still botch simple things.    


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