In the series of games came out of nowhere with a WTF concept. There Is No Game proves that you can still make new with only old.A title proposing only to use logic in a light and gripping tone. An experience that can only be recommended!


Well, above all, succeeding in talking about the title without the spoiler is a difficult exercise. Because telling you a story passage without spoiler is impossible. But we can tell you that the title of Draw Me a Pixel is basically an idea put in place during the Construct jam of 2015. And that the basic title is gratos on Steam. So if you want to make an opinion on what the basic title was, go see! To put it simply, the title puts us in the role of ourselves. A narrator will follow us throughout the adventure totally breaking the wall of the classic narrative to get us totally involved in it. The goal will be throughout the adventure to mistreat the different universes in order to find the solution. And as much to tell you right away, the logic will be undermined throughout the adventure. You will have to think differently. A point and click for example will only be an excuse to offer you various possibilities outside of it. It will therefore be necessary to think in "outside the box" mode. This is the great strength of the title is to mix a narrative with actions. The proposed puzzles all make sense when you realize what to do. But sometimes, we will foolishly block on a simple thing present in front of us from the beginning. Humor is also omnipresent with a big thumb of the nose to F2P for example. Each board will therefore offer a unique gameplay and universe. Not to mention that this narrative is very important. Without spoiling the end, you will attach yourself to this universe to such points of wanting a sequel. Because the 6 hours that the game requires is devoured at once for the bravest. Finally, the title is a must have. You can't miss what is a tribute to all the titles represented in this one. The older ones will feel totally nostalgic and the younger ones will see that the current economic models are totally mocked. We are on a title mixing eras and game modes to continually lose the player in these actions. YOU CAN'T SWITCH TO LISTING! But remember? There is no game!


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