Test – World's End Club – Friends to death!


Originally released on IOS, World's End Club is a title by Kazukata Kodaka and Kotaro Uchikoshi best known for titles such as Danganronpa. So we are once again in a strong title focused on narration and at times puzzle passages. 

The power of friendship. 

The title will immerse you in the adventure of a group of students who find themselves immersed in macabre games in Japan. Meanwhile, we also learn that the end of the world has taken place and that we are among the survivors who must again survive against each other and all the dangers that will stand in their way through a decadent Japan. The great strength of the title is that unlike a classic daganronpa, the story will evolve according to your choices. The other change is that the title will offer you more puzzle and platform passage. This means that we do not spend our time reading the story. In addition, the title offers a difficulty mode for the less courageous. The big flaw of the title on the other hand will come that each place will give right to a rather limited horizontal decoration. And it is this point that will blacken the picture greatly reducing its lifespan. You will therefore chain tables more focused on exploration, other action with a single action button and purely story phases. So don't expect a revolution of this kind, but a little more diversity. Knowing that the title has a rather limited lifespan. Might as well hold the player to the end and not lose him in too many possibilities. So we find a title with limited gameplay. But with a gripping story, we feel that the game is in the worthy line of a Daganronpa or other with a scenario put forward at any time. So we find as always characters with archetypes clean and complementary to each other. Especially since at times, the title will separate the group and you will have to choose who you will follow for a while or definitively? Finally, the title is quite complete and involves the player in these choices at all times. And it's aspect road trip through an abandoned Japan is simply a real happiness. Especially given the possibilities of story choices and the various monsters that the title will put you on your way. If you loved Danganronpa or Zero Escape, we can only recommend this title!  


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