A fabulous Pokémon has been discovered in Septentria


The Pokémon Company International today revealed the existence of Pechaminus, the Pokémon Emprise. This recently discovered fabulous Pokémon can now be glimpsed in The Buried Treasure of Zone Zero, the additional content for Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet.

The video announcing the discovery of Peachaminus is available on the official Pokémon YouTube channel.

Heading for Septentria with a Fabulous Pêcha Berry

The epilogue to the Zero Zone Buried Treasure DLC is now available. To play the epilogue, you need to have completed a certain event after the end of the game in Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet, as well as the main storylines of Volume 1: The Turquoise Mask and Volume 2: The Indigo Disc. You’ll also need to pick up a Fabulous Peach Berry via Mystery Gift* in Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet. Once you’ve collected this gift, head for Boutique Delapêche in Jaderaude in the Septentria region. The enchanting aroma of the Baie Pêcha Fabuleuse might just provoke something unexpected..


Seemingly a mere decorative object in a store, the inert Pêchaminus waited patiently for the right moment to make its comeback.

This Pokémon uses the poison secreted by its shell to prepare Mochis of Servitude, which it feeds to humans and Pokémon. It then uses its chains to control them. As well as being delicious, Mochi de Servitude awakens the desires and reveals the potential of anyone who ingests it. Peachaminus can be very devious. Sometimes it feigns fragility, whimpering so that we feel sorry for it.

Long ago, Pêchaminus is said to have traveled to Septentria with the Adoramis, whom he enslaved with his Mochi of Servitude. He hoped to obtain masks coveted by an elderly couple who looked after him.

Pêchaminus found himself involved in a confrontation with Ogerpon and lost the fight. He then cowered in his shell. In time, it became known as the “imperishable peach”.

Category: Pokémon Emprise

Type: Poison/Spectrum

Size: 0.3 m

Weight : 0,3 kg

Talent : Toxic grip

Pêchaminus has a brand-new talent, Emprise Toxique, which appears for the first time in Le trésor enfoui de la Zone Zéro. Thanks to this talent, Pokémon poisoned or severely poisoned by Pêchaminus also become confused.

Pêchaminus’ signature ability is Chaîne Malsaine, an attack that launches a chain made of poison that can seriously poison the target.

To find out more about The Buried Treasure of Zone Zero, visit Pokemon.co.uk/EcarlateViolet.