The breathtaking new trailer for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth features the game’s famous antagonist


SQUARE ENIX® today unveils a new trailer for its RPG, named the most anticipated game of 2024 at the Games Awards: FINAL FANTASY™ VII REBIRTH.

Entitled “Destined for Rebirth” (“Rebirth is your destiny”), it looks back at the conflict between Cloud and his companions, including Tifa, Aerith and Barret, and their sworn enemy Sephiroth. New screenshots and never-before-seen images of the game’s characters and locations have also been unveiled. FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH is scheduled for worldwide release on February 29, exclusively on PlayStation®5 (PS5®).

The “Destined for Rebirth” trailer is available here
As well as revealing information about the planet-wide threat posed by Sephiroth, “Destined for Rebirth” shows epic moments such as the fight against the boss Terror of the Abyss, Juno’s ceremony and the Nibelheim incident. It’s also an opportunity to discover new creatures and characters, such as the Midgardsormr.
New illustrations and descriptions are also available on the press site to give fans and new players a more detailed look at Junon and the Shinra-8, the ship that transports the team between Junon and the coastal town of Costa Del Sol. The new character images show Cait Sith the mocking robotic cat, the large mog he rides, Captain Titov at the helm of the Shinra-8, and the popular Elena. More detailed information on Cait Sith and Yuffie’s fighting style is also revealed, including their synchronized skill Great mog top.
Named Most Anticipated Game of 2024 at the Game Awards, FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH is the latest installment in the critically acclaimed FINAL FANTASY VII remake project. In this new stand-alone adventure that will take players to the four corners of an immense planet full of life, Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aerith and Red XIII flee the dystopian city of Midgar and explore the vast world. In pursuit of Sephiroth, a being fresh from Cloud’s past and determined to control the world, these unlikely heroes join forces with new companions like Yuffie, the valiant shinobi, and Cait Sith, a mocking robotic cat. Control these characters in battle as they defy their destinies. Players will explore well-known locations, now more detailed than ever. They’ll enjoy dozens of hours of side content, monsters to hunt and mini-games, and discover the rich history of the planet’s different peoples and cultures.

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH is the sequel to FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, the first part of the trilogy released in 2020 and acclaimed worldwide by fans and critics alike. FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE received over 20 perfect scores from the media and was included in the PlayStation® Editor’s Choice Awards. It is also the best-selling digital game on the PlayStation® platform in SQUARE ENIX history, with over seven million units sold across all formats since its release.

FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH will be available on PS5® on February 29, 2024. For more information, visit