A new solo Raid for Summoners War in the new update!


Publisher Com2uS raises the tone with the second part of the Reloaded update for its flagship title, Summoners War: Sky Arena. This exceptional expansion will rekindle the flame of players the world over, with new single-player Dimension Raids, a completely redesigned Dimension Passage and an all-new Monster, the fearsome Demoiselle des enfers

  • Dimension Raid: embark on an exceptional single-player experience with this new PvE Raid, which pits you against an upgraded boss of the Dimension Passage, whose three phases will give you maximum trouble. Starting with Karzhan, switch dimensions each week and traverse all five worlds to get your hands on the exclusive rewards promised to survivors of this new, tactically demanding Raid.
  • Power up with the Second Awakening: new monsters, including the incredible Living Armor and Frankenstein, take advantage of the Second Awakening to return even stronger. These awakened monsters feature powerful passive skills, inflicting devastating damage on enemies weakened by defensive debuffs and increasing their chances of survival. A new creature, the Demoiselle des enfers, also emerges from the darkness. Don’t be fooled by her innocent appearance: this creature has the unique ability to summon the infamous Lord of the Underworld, who will fight her to the death.
  • A whole host of improvements: Com2uS has not contented itself with these exciting new gameplay features. Summoners War also welcomes a brand-new building, designed to increase the maximum energy of the Dimension Passage and accelerate recharge rates. It’s now possible to forge your own Wheels by directly choosing their type, while Mission Events will soon appear to allow you to earn a variety of exceptional rewards.
  • Temporary events: to celebrate the arrival of all this goodness, Summoners War hosts a series of breathtaking temporary events. Collect Dimension Coins to trade in the Dimension Store, while the Special New Monster Event and Mystic Bonus Vellum Event offer new sources of fun. Enjoy all these exceptional rewards until September 17!

Since its release in 2014, Summoners War: Sky Arena has continued to captivate players with its electrifying and particularly innovative gameplay, fuelled by a constant stream of new features. The second part of the Reloaded update once again pushes the boundaries of mobile gaming with an exceptional single-player adventure that will put your strategic skills and determination to the test

Full details of the Summoners War Reloaded update (content, events…) are available on the official community site


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