Black Desert free on PlayStation with PS!


Korean publisher and developer Pearl Abyss today announced two updates for Black Desert on PlayStation and PC. PlayStation Plus members can download Black Desert: Traveler Edition free of charge from today until Tuesday, October 3 at 11:00 am. After downloading the game, players can launch into the Land of the Radiant Morning, the game’s latest expansion inspired by medieval Korea, to begin their adventure in Black Desert

Usually priced at €29.99, the Traveler Edition contains the Black Desert game and numerous in-game bonuses

  • Value pack (15 days) x1
  • Set of pearls – 1,000 x1
  • Polar bear x1
  • Mount emblem: White mare (tier 7) x1
  • Trainer’s flute (30 days) x1

In addition, the event duration for easily obtaining the coveted Dream Horse has been extended. One of the three Dream Horses, a high-tier mount usually difficult to obtain in the game, can now be obtained by Black Desert players for a limited time (until regular maintenance on Wednesday, October 4). This mount offers Adventurers unique new ways to travel and test their magical abilities

Boarding on PC!

On Black Desert Online (PC), the Margoria Pirate Fleet, a devious maritime enemy, will be added tomorrow, Wednesday September 6. Appearing near the Territory of Vell, this terrible armada makes navigation in the game more difficult but extremely rewarding, with rare loot to be picked up once the enemy has been defeated


Margoria Pirate Fleet: Made up of ghosts and pirates, this mysterious fleet encircles and attacks nearby ships. Once the fleet surrounds a ship, it sends out burning ghost ships that explode on impact. Once the armada has been defeated, players can obtain various rewards, such as the Moss-Covered Card, an essential precursor to obtaining an Ebenruth Nol, one of Black Desert’s treasures. The Nol d’Ebenruth increases a ship’s skill


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