Pre-registration on Google Play now open for Disney Speedstorm


pre-orders are now open for the worldwide mobile version of Disney Speedstorm. Please follow the link below to the Google Play Store.

By pre-registering now on the Google Play Store, players are guaranteed to be able to download Disney Speedstorm as soon as it is available worldwide on mobile devices and hit the tracks with the ultimate Disney and Pixar arcade racing game.

In addition, the Disney Speedstorm team has also announced the launch of a special community challenge available now for all platforms of the game, and which will earn players rewards for each tier reached during the challenge.

Tier goals associated with player rewards:

  • YouTube – 15K subscribers – 10 universal box credits and 5 seasonal box credits

  • Twitter – 30K subscribers – 75,000 season coins

  • Pre-registrations – 350K – exclusive “#SpeedStar” motto and in-game Mickey Mouse avatar.

  • Pre-registrations – 500K – kart cosmetic items for Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Dingo drivers.

  • Pre-registration – 1M – D100-themed racing suits for Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy drivers.


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