CCP Games announces a playtest for EVE Vanguard and a patch for EVE Online: Havoc!


CCP Games unveils ‘First Strike’, the newEVE Online event dedicated to the upcoming sandbox FPS module EVE Vanguard. From December 7 to 11, all players with an active Omega account on EVE Online will have the opportunity to join the playtest session for the pre-alpha version. Once the event is launched, Omega subscribers simply need to select the Vanguard character profile in the EVE launcher to dive right into the action!

To find out more about the First Strike event dedicated to EVE Vanguard, and to keep up to date with the latest information on the module’s development, register at If you’d like to find out all about the benefits of EVE Online Omega subscription, visit the official game website.

CCP Games is also taking the opportunity to roll out a free patch for EVE Online, following the launch of the Havoc expansion last week. Corrections and additions include:

  • The lifting of restrictions on EverMark trading, restoring freedom of transaction across the entire game
  • The implementation of dynamic music, which adapts to the narrative flow of corruption and deletion
  • General improvements to Corporation Projects
  • …and much more!

More information on the latestEVE Online patch is available here.

With the release of the Havoc expansion,EVE Online inaugurates its third decade under the best of auspices. Thanks to its continuous activity and the unfailing support of its community, the legendary galactic sandbox has enjoyed a 30% increase in simultaneously connected users since the launch of its previous expansion, Uprising.

Just one week after the release of Havoc, all Capsuliers have :

  • successfully integrated pirate factions to spread corruption, altering New Eden at lowsec and highsec levels
  • acquired SKINs designed by another player, for the first time in the game’s history
  • finally get to grips with the new Insurrection sites, such as Mining Embush, whose design is inspired by player behavior. Depending on which side you’re on, you can either get your hands on an ORE Rorqual ship, return it for ransom… or opt for the more vicious option of collecting the ransom and destroying it anyway!


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