Destiny 2: Geralt de Riv teleports into the game for the Season of Wishes!


Bungie reveals its collaboration with CD PROJEKT RED, which will be available in-game when Season of Wishes launches on November 28. On this occasion, Guardians will be able to step into the shoes of monster exterminators thanks to new Geralt de Riv-inspired cosmetic elements. The crossover includes armor ornaments, a Spectre hull, a ship, a Passereau, an interaction and a coup de grâce.


From November 24, the Bungie Store launches its biggest promotion of the year, including the return to stock of previously withdrawn Bungie Rewards (limited quantities). Those taking part in the promotion will receive the Black Star emblem, free with any purchase during this period. During the promotion, all deliveries in the contiguous United States will benefit from a single rate of $7, and €7 in Europe and the United Kingdom. The Bungie Store promotion will end on December 1 at 5:59 p.m. (French time). In addition, the new all-purpose Wish emblem will be available for all purchases made on or after November 24 during the Season of the Wish.

Destiny 2 content buyers can purchase Eclipse and other content packs on PlayStation, Xbox and Steam at up to 67% off until November 28.

Players are about to discover the Season of the Vow, the final season before the launch ofThe Final Form, where the Guardians must confront the Witness, bringing the saga of Light and Darkness to an epic conclusion.


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