From healthcare to our economy: 3 out of 4 Belgians expect AI to have a major impact on everyday life


Almost three out of four Belgians (74%) expect their daily lives to change completely within five years, due to the growing influence of artificial intelligence (AI) in our society. These figures emerge from an international survey conducted by Google. What’s more, 62% of those questioned want to know more about the subject, given that AI is already having a significant impact on various aspects, such as work and healthcare. Indeed, many Belgians are convinced that AI will have a positive impact in these areas.

From the workplace to social networks, right down to the inside of your home: artificial intelligence (AI) is ubiquitous today. This hasn’t escaped the Belgians either: 76% of us are already familiar with AI. Indeed, 74% are convinced that their lives will be significantly altered by AI within the next five years. Respondents mainly expect AI to have an impact on how we identify and treat disease (59%), how we access information (53%) and how we learn new things (52%).

The majority of Belgians are equally satisfied with these prospects. 57% believe that AI will enable more accurate medical diagnoses. Almost half (46%) think it will have a positive impact on our learning process, and contribute to a better understanding of complex subjects (48%).

Economic benefits of AI
Three quarters (73%) of Belgians believe that large companies will benefit most from AI, followed by wealthy individuals (67%) and governments (65%). Furthermore, 73% of Belgians are convinced that AI will have an impact on the economy over the next five years. As a result, almost nine out of ten Belgians (88%) expect AI to affect their jobs or the sector in which they work. Of this group, almost half (47%) believe that the implementation of AI will enable them to work faster and more efficiently.

Thierry Geerts, Country Manager Google Belgium: “It’ s great to see that Belgians are so interested in the potential of AI as a transformative technology. We’re committed to using it effectively and responsibly by working with governments across Europe. Indeed, we want to make the most of AI, so that everyone can benefit and abuses are minimized.

Gemini: an advanced AI model
In December, Google launched its most advanced AI model to date: Gemini. Google will integrate this model into various tools and products to make them more useful for everyone, including enabling users to have more natural conversations with AI and automating repetitive tasks.

About the survey

The “Our lives with AI: Today’s reality and tomorrow’s promise” survey, conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Google, took place between October 19 and November 6, 2023. Ipsos surveyed online a representative sample of around 1,000 adults per country aged 18 and over in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, the UK, Poland and Japan via Ipsos online panels. The survey shows a confidence interval of around 3.8 percentage points for all respondents in each country.