Junkworld arrives on Apple Arcade on September 22


Prepare for chaos! Ironhide Game Studio, creators of the award-winning Kingdom Rush franchise, are delighted to announce the launch of Junkworld on September 22 exclusively on Apple Arcade. Apple Arcade is Apple’s game subscription service, offering unlimited access to an evolving collection of over 200 entertaining games. Players will have to overcome perilous adventures, explore dangerous lands and meet dubious companions in an all-new Tower Defense game set in a hostile, post-apocalyptic world!

Blending heroic challenges, enjoyable gameplay and Ironhide’s trademark humor, Junkworld sees players command a faction called the Scavengers through dangerous landscapes such as arid deserts and radioactive swamps, in battles full of surprises to survive

Players must place towers wisely, use tactical cards with special units and gadgets to take down their enemies. They can also train zany-looking heroes. The best combinations will destroy countless waves of enemies!

In Junkworld, the mission is to defeat The Order on four different terrains with adventure-rich stages, harsh weather conditions, unpredictable challenges and thrilling battles

Main game features:

  • 40 upgradeable maps, consisting of
    • 16 TOWERS with special skills
    • 16 TACTICS with special skills
    • 9 HEROES to command
  • 4 different terrains with
    • 80 campaign phases
    • 75 special missions
    • 70 exploits
    • Over 30 different enemies, including 4 distinct factions and 4 unique boss battles
  • Advanced enemy intelligence
    • Provides information on the strengths and weaknesses of each enemy discovered by the player

Junkworld will be available later this month on Apple Arcade for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. For further information, visit the official website. Visit


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